2014 CIU Calendar Usage
This survey is related to the 2014 calendar you should have received from us last December.
Questions that require an answer are marked with  *
2014 Calendar Cover
1 * Do you remember receiving a 2014 CIU Calendar (cover pictured above) in the latter part of last year?
2 Was it in good condition when it arrived to you?
3 Have you found it useful? (Pick the answer that most accurately describes your feelings.)
4 Where did you hang your 2014 CIU calendar?
5 Did you feel like the calendar was a quality product (i.e., something to be proud of)?
6 The size of the calendar was:
7 What I have appreciated about the calendar is:
(choose any that apply)

8 Let us know of other things you would like to see listed, highlighted or pictured in the calendar. (max 255 characters)
9 Do you think the calendar is a worthy product for CIU to produce? (Choose any that apply.)

10 If these were for sale, would you be interested in purchasing additional copies for family or friends?
11 Please give any additional feedback in the box below. (max 255 characters)
12 Your answers are anonymous unless you choose to provide your name and contact info below.

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