Campus Project Updates

 Construction equipment is a common sight around Columbia International University these days.  We want to continue to keep you up to date on what's changing around campus.


CIU Soccer Field:
CIU had its first CIU Soccer game on August 25th! With grass, scoreboard in place, bleachers- it was an exciting time in the new facility for the CIU Athletic program. We are looking forward to our students, faculty and staff being able to experience the excitement of intercollegiate athletics and quality facilities that were made possible by generous donors who support our biblical philosophy of athletics.
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Founders Renovation
Founders Residence Hall Renovations: 
The renovations in the Founders residence hall this summer have provided a fresh start for the new and returning students.  Among the improvements are: a new lobby on the first floor, new academic center, new faculty offices, ADA restrooms, and guest rooms. The lower level will have a media room, baking center, meeting room, laundry and offices.
Apts and Community Center



Pine View Apartments and Community Center: 
Our 5th on-campus apartment building was constructed this summer.  Upon completion, 20 more apartments with 48 bedrooms were made available.  A new Community Building (left in photo) at Pine View Apartments will be ready by late September or early October. 

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