Deborah, Class of 1988 – I was blessed during my time at CIU to have studied under professors who lived out their lives in accordance with the biblical principles which they taught. Upon my graduation the Lord convicted me of the need to share my financial blessings in order that His work may continue through the ministry of CIU. The faith commitment that I have made to support CIU financially pales in comparison to the commitment made by the men and women serving on staff who rely upon allowances to provide for their own needs. I praise the Lord that He has allowed me to partner with you as we strive to live out the theme "Let's Impact the World Together".

Martha Hoke – CIU trains young people to know Christ better.  Then they obey Christ’s command to “Go and tell the Good News of the Gospel” to those who have never heard.  Also, the President, faculty and board members are Godly examples for the students.  My own spiritual life was enriched and deepened when I served as a faculty member.

Beau & Erika, Class of 2002 - Our years at CIU were some of the best years of our life.  We were truly transformed in every aspect of our lives.  We grew spiritually, we experienced true biblical community, and we were well equipped for a lifetime of ministry.  We therefore give back to CIU because we want others to be able to have that same type of experience.  We cannot give large sums of money, but we have chosen to give consistently and faithfully because we stand along side of and believe in the mission and vision of Columbia International University.


Columbia International University Alumni
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