Approved October 2011



             The name of the association shall be the Alumni Association of Columbia International University of Columbia, South Carolina.


             The purpose of the association shall be to assist Columbia International University in fulfilling its mission to. . .

Educate people from a biblical worldview to impact the nations with the message of Christ as professional ministers or ministering professionals, encouraging all “to know Him and to make Him known.”

In order to accomplish this purpose the CIU Alumni Association shall:

  • Facilitate fellowship among alumni and between the alumni and the University;
  • Keep the alumni informed of the University's state, plans and God's leading;
  • Connect alumni to the University's resources, such as continuing education, counseling services and career placement;
  • Seek opportunities to encourage alumni going through stressful circumstances;
  • Equip the alumni to recruit prospective students, recommend prospective faculty and staff members, and encourage new donors to give to the University;
  • Motivate the alumni to support the University with their prayers and financial support;
  • Serve the alumni by being the channel through which they can have communication directly to the President’s office and the Board of Trustees expressing their ideas and concerns.   


       Membership in the Alumni Association shall consist of Columbia International University graduates and those who have earned at least 12 semester hours (or equivalent).

Honorary alumni shall consist of CIU faculty and trustees and others named by the Alumni Association’s Leadership Council who evidence sustained interest in the work of the University. Honorary members shall have voice and vote at meetings of the Association but may not serve on its Leadership Council.


The Leadership Council of the Association shall consist of a minimum of eight members. Members of the Council will be asked to serve for a two-year term. Three or four members shall be recruited for each class with at least three members to be rotated each year. The terms of service of all members begins and ends with Homecoming. Council membership shall be limited to three consecutive terms; however, after one year's absence, former Council members will be eligible for additional terms of service.  One member shall be selected by the Board of Trustees of Columbia International University from among the Trustees who is also a CIU Alumnus. Other designated representatives of the University may participate in Council meetings, but may not vote.

Officers are to include a President, Vice-President and other officers the Council deems necessary to further the business of the Association.  Officers will be selected by the council at their first meeting after Homecoming each year.  All Officers will serve for two years, which ends at Homecoming.  If an officer has only one year left in his term when appointed by the council as an officer, the term will be extended by one year. 

The Leadership Council will also include representation from the student body.  All full- and part-time students are eligible for selection by the Council.  Three student representatives will be invited to serve in one-year terms. They begin and end their service with the first meeting after Homecoming.  They will have voice without vote. Their primary role is to provide a current student perspective on alumni affairs. The student representatives must have already accumulated sufficient semester hours to qualify for membership in the Association.  The council determines how to include students’ representative of various undergraduate and graduate studies.

The Alumni Director and staff serve with the Council with voice but without vote.

The Leadership Council provides governance on behalf of the association by:

• advising and giving consent to CIU’s president concerning the employment of an alumni director;
• establishing the purposes and limitations of the director’s role as reflected in a written job description;
• establishing the association’s goals;
• ensuring that the goals of the association are accomplished;
• developing policy statements congruent with CIU’s mission, principles and policies of operation;
• convening business meetings of the Alumni Association.

If any office shall become vacant before the end of the term, the Leadership Council shall name a successor. Present members of the Council shall be eligible for the vacated office. Council members so appointed may serve a full term when the appointed term expires. Any member of the Association (not including honorary members) is eligible to be selected by the Council to any open office of the Council.


The duties of the president shall be: to serve as chairperson of the Leadership Council, to preside at business meetings, to appoint such committees as shall be necessary, in carrying out the plans and purposes of the Association, and to serve as ex-officio on a committee of the CIU Board of Trustees.

The duties of the Vice-President shall be to serve on the Leadership Council, and to preside at Council meetings and business meetings in the absence of the President.

Duties of other officers appointed by the Council are to be determined at the time of creating the position.


The Leadership Council shall appoint a Nominating Committee of at least two Council members to serve with the Alumni Director.  Members of this committee serve for two years.   The Nominating Committee shall actively encourage all alumni to propose nominees.  The Nominating Committee will also work throughout the year to recruit quality candidates.   The Nominating Committee, after appropriate vetting, shall submit to the Leadership Council candidates for the council openings to be filled. The Leadership council must approve the candidates presented by the Nominating committee and then submit them to the alumni for an affirmation of good report.  Members of the association shall indicate an affirmation or concern at least 12 weeks before Homecoming.  Alumni indicating a concern that a candidate may not be qualified to serve will be contacted by the nominating committee, who will perform proper investigation into the concern and then recommend action to the council.  The Council, after receiving the affirmations and concerns from the members of the Association makes the final decision on candidates.  The new Council will be presented each year at Homecoming, and communicated to the entire Association after Homecoming.



         The Leadership Council shall ask the members of the association to adopt and support special projects, financial goals, prayer and student recruitment initiatives which serve the needs and objectives of the University and the Association.



         The by-laws may be amended as follows: The Leadership Council shall propose amendments, with accompanying rationale, to all alumni by posting on the Web site and notifying alumni by postal and electronic mail of the Web site location.  Alumni may vote by postal ballot or the Web site.  Changes require approval by a majority, of all those who vote. Editorial, but not content changes may be adopted at the discretion of the Council.


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