Alumni of the Year

The awards are intended to serve the following purpose:
     It is our sincere desire in presenting the Alumni of the Year Awards that God may receive praise and glory for the display of His grace and faithfulness in the lives of the recipients. We would commend each honoree as an "example to the believers" in character, excellence, and in faithfulness to the high calling, "To Know Him and To Make Him Known."

The following criteria will be applied in the selection of the recipients:

1. The recipients should hold a degree from Columbia International University (Bible College, Seminary or Graduate School).
2. The recipients must have had significant, effective and consistent ministry.
3. The recipients must evidence doctrinal consistency with CIU's statement of faith.
4. The recipients' life and ministry should evidence the following CIU distinctives:

      • "Victorious" Christian life
      • World evangelization (i.e. evidence that whatever their place or role of service in the Kingdom, they have fulfilled it in a "Great Commission" context.)
      • Biblical authority (i.e. fidelity to the infallible Word in life and in the nature and thrust of their ministry.)


* Deceased





Bruce Shelley

S. Bruce Shelley (CBC 1952)
Distinguished Alumnus, October 1987

Teacher, theologian, Church historian. Distinguished teacher and scholar for over a quarter-century at Denver conservative Baptist Seminary. Many students speak of him as their most influential teacher. Prolific writing and editorial work in the fields of church history and theology. His books include: Christian Theology in Plain Language, A History of Conservative Baptists, What is the Church?, Four Marks of a Total Christian, What Baptists Believe, Let's Face It, The Cross and Flame, Evangelicalism in America, and By What Authority. He has also served as a contributing editor for Christianity Today and United Evangelical Action magazines. Bruce passed away in 2010.

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Will Norton

H. Wilbert (Will) Norton (CBS 1939)
Distinguished Alumnus, October 1987

Theological education and leadership development. Began service in Belgian Congo, focusing upon leadership development. Served in succession as professor of missions, dean of students, and president of Trinity College and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Dean of Wheaton Graduate School during era of great growth and program development. Co-authored the influential missiological volume, What's Gone Wrong With the Harvest? Established the Jos ECWA Evangelical Seminary in Nigeria. Fostered advancement in theological education in the third world through leadership of CAMEO Committee to Assist Ministry Education Overseas.

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Elizabeth Cridland

Elizabeth Cridland (CBS 1940)
Distinguished Alumna, October 1987

Missionary pioneer. Began career as secretary to Robert C. McQuilkin. Later with ministry partner Mary Beam (CBC '34), pioneered Gospel witness and planted an enduring church among the Uduk people of the Sudan. With intrepid grit and excellence they learned the language, translated Scripture, taught the people to read, established an orphanage, midwifed and nurtured the church, and modeled the life of faith before the people. Upon retiring from additional teaching and church planting in Kenya, Beam and Cridland founded the Bible Alliance, which provides audiocassette tapes of the Scripture in many of the world's yet unwritten languages. Betty passed away in 2003.

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Mary Beam

Mary S. Beam (CBC 1934)
Distinguished Alumna, October 1987

Missionary pioneer. Together with ministry partner Elizabeth Cridland (CBC '31), Mary Beam pioneered Gospel witness and planted an enduring church among the Uduk people of the Sudan. With intrepid grit and excellence they learned the language, translated Scripture, taught the people to read, established an orphanage, midwifed and nurtured the church, and modeled the life of faith before the people. Upon retiring from additional teaching and church planting in Kenya, Beam and Cridland founded Bible Alliance, which provides audio cassette tapes of the Scripture in many of the world's yet unwritten languages. Mary passed away in 2002.

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Maryann Samms

Maryann Elizabeth Samms (CBC 1958)
Distinguished Alumna, October 1987

Family, teacher training, and writing ministries. Taught Christian Education at the Philippine Missionary Institute and Conservative Baptist Bible College. Authored or co-authored books entitled, Teacher Training in the Local Church, Toward a Happy Home, and Your Christian Ministry at Home. Co-founded LAMP” Lay Action Ministry Program which provides instructional materials to foster spiritual growth among lay people, motivating them to take up the work of the ministry.

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Neal Jones

Neal T. Jones (CBC 1946)
Distinguished Alumnus, October 1987

Distinguished pastor. Influential in evangelism, discipleship, foreign missions, and ministry to the international community, Pastors Columbia Baptist Church in Falls Church, Virginia. Strategic ministry impact on many who populate the bureaucratic and political power structures of Washington. Preaching and evangelistic tours in Japan, Eastern and Southern Africa, and Russia. Member of the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. Fosters ministry to the large international population in the Washington, DC area. Serves on the boards of Good News Mission, Prison Fellowship, and Averett College.

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Thomas Petty

Thomas M. Petty, Sr. (CBS 1940)
Distinguished Alumnus, October 1987

Servant, prayer warrior, encourager. Served on staff and faculty of CBCS for 37 years active duty and, following retirement, as volunteer servant/ambassador. Involvements range from Director of Men's Christian Service at CBC, to over 50 years of jail ministry, to organizer for South Carolina governor's prayer breakfast committee, to Bible distribution, military evangelism and discipleship, and recycling of paper, glass, and stamps for missionary support. Maintains a global ministry of prayer and encouragement encompassing hundreds of people and ministries. Thomas passed away in 1998.

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Philip Yancey

Philip Yancey (CBC 1970)
Distinguished Alumnus, October 1988

Author/Editor. Philip Yancey is an award winning and bestselling Christian Author. In unique ways his writings point people to knowing Christ and Making Him Known. His book Where is God when It Hurts received the Gold Medallion Book Award in Recognition of Excellence in Evangelical Christian Literature. The books he co-authored with Dr. Paul Brand, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made and In His Image, were awarded the Gold Medallion Award for Best Inspirational Book. He has authored several other books and his work has appeared in many magazines from The Readers Digest to Campus Life, which he edited for several years. He is Editor-at-Large for Christianity Today  to which he contributes a regular column and many articles. His Student NIV Study Bible (Zondervan) has sold over 400,000 copies in two years and impacted lives across the nation.

Edward Sywulka

Edward Sywulka (CBC 1932)
Distinguished Alumnus, October 1988

Missionary/Translator/Educator. Edward Sywilka began work among the large tribe of Mam Indians in Guatemala in 1934. He pioneered Theological Education by Extension (TEE) in Guatemala, and translated the Old and New Testaments into the Mam language. He was also involved in meeting physical needs of the Mam people through medical work. Edward Sywulka and his wife, Pauline, have seen the Mam Evangelical Church grow to a solid 24 organized churches (some with over 1000 members), 74 daughter churches, 170 preaching points and an evangelical community of nearly 25,000. He was associated with Cameron Townsend, founder of Wycliff Translators, was in the first Summer Institute of Linguistics class in 1933, and taught at S.I.L. on many occasions. All of his six children attended Columbia Bible College & Seminary, three of them graduating. Edward passed away in 2012.

P.T. Chandapilla

P.T. Chandapilla (CBC 1955)
Distinguished Alumnus, October 1988

Missionary Pioneer/Theological Educator. P.T. Chandapilla began service in his home country of India where he was involved in founding and leading a number of ministries for the poor, disenfranchised, and blind. He was founding General Secretary of IFES (InterVarsity) in India in which role he saw many university students throughout India come to know Christ and grow into church leaders. He was Vicar General of St. Thomas Evangelical Church, a denomination of 250 churches, and President of the Board of Management of Jubilee Memorial Bible College in Madras. At one time, he served as General Secretary of the Foundation of Evangelical Churches of India. His ministry has had a wide impact in bringing Indians to Jesus Christ and then challenging theme To Know Him and to Make Him Known. Many of them are involved in leadership roles and church planting in India. P.T. passed away in 2010.

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Barry Moore

Dr. Barry Moore (CBS 1958)
Distinguished Alumnus, October 1989

International Evangelist. Barry Moore, a Canadian evangelist, has held crusades in every major Canadian city. The Lord called Him to a ministry of evangelism, and since his first crusade he has held over 650 area wide crusades in North America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the British Isles. Thousands have made professions of faith at his crusades and hundreds of those are involved in Christian ministry throughout the world. He is a gifted evangelist with compelling passion for souls to know Chirst and to make Him known.

Gene Long

Laurel "Gene" Long, R.N. (CBS 1957)
Distinguished Alumna, October 1989.

Nurse/Missionary/Mother of Abandoned Children. God gave Gene Long a burden for India through an alumnus, Norton Sterret (CBC '33), when he spoke at Ben Lippen Conference. She went to India in 1958 along with Jackie Liechty, R.N. (CBS '57) under the nurses exchange program, and worked at a government hospital in New Delhi. The Lord challenged her with a ministry to abandoned children which resulted in the starting of Signal Home. She adopted and raised thirteen children. Two of her children graduated from CBCS and returned to India, joining the other children as lights in a dark world. Due to health reasons she returned to the States and transferred the property over to Trans World Radio. Gene passed away in 2004.

Richard Alderman

Richard C. Alderman (CBC 1957)
Distinguished Alumnus, October 1989

Pastor/Teacher. Dick has pastured Little Rock (S.C.) Baptist Church for thirty years. Faithfulness to God's call in a rural setting and his strong emphasis on missions has resulted in 9 men being ordained to the ministry, 3 members serving on the mission field and 4 young people having served on short term mission service. His church helps support 48 missionaries and in 1989 70% of the church receipts went to missions. Dick described his ministry at Little Rock as "a little man in a little church serving a big God." People have come to know Christ and many are making Him known. To God be the glory.

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Earlene Voss

Earlene Voss (CBS 1955)
Distinguished Alumna, October 1990

Missionary/Nurse/Teacher. Earlene Voss has served the Lord in Pakistan since 1957. The Lord sent her to Muslims in a village work to use her nurses training in a dispensary ministry. Soon tutorial/sewing and English classes began to a present day level of 500 children being involved. Several from this program are now teaching in public schools with more graduating each year. She states, All this has been my life: stretched, pulled, deepened by God since 1957. Praise His name for the privilege of knowing Him and making Him known. Earlene passed away in 2015.

Sam Moore

Sam Moore (CBC 1954; CBS 1955)
Distinguished Alumnus, October 1990

Layman. Sam Moore was born in Beirut, Lebanon and arrived in the United States in 1950 to attend CBC. To pay for his schooling he began selling Bibles door to door. He later recruited other students who had a need to work their way through college. This was so successful that in 1961 Royal Publishing emerged as a vehicle for his first Bible publishing venture. In 1969, he purchased Thomas Nelson Publishing. Thomas Nelson is the world's largest Bible publisher and a leader in religious book publishing. Through Bible and book publishing he is helping people know Christ and encouraging them to make Him known with their lives.

Victor Monterroso

Victor Monterroso (CBC 1958)
Distinguished Alumnus, October 1990

Missionary/Educator. Victor Monterroso's ministry began in Costa Rica in 1946 with Latin American Mission. He came to the U.S. and CBC in the mid-50's for further training. After graduation he returned to Costa Rica where he served the Lord as a seminary teacher, President of the Association of Costa Rica Bible Churches and most recently, the pastor of San Jose's downtown Bible Temple. In 1969, he co-authored a book entitled, Latin American Church Growth which was a landmark statistical study of the evangelical movement in Latin America. Victor passed away in 2007.

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Marguerite McQuilkin Cartee, Aimee McQuilkin, Robertson McQuilkin, Anne McQuilken Priest, Virginia McQuilkin Bowers
Distinguished Alumni, October 1991

Five Alumni from one family were honored which represented deep historical roots at CBCS since their father, Robert C. McQuilkin was the first President. Honored were Virginia McQuilkin Bowers (CBC '35) who with her husband Lou served the Lord in Liberia, West Africa for 34 years and saw more than 3,000 people come to Christ. Aimee McQuilkin (CBC '40) served the Lord in Columbia, South America in Chirstian education and evangelism. As a registered nurse, she was very involved with health care along with her other responsibilities. Marguerite McQuilkin Cartee (CBC '43) served on the Faculty and Staff of CBC for several years as Director of Alumni and Placement. She and her husband, Clifford (CBC '43) served Wycliffe missionary kids in Columbia, South America. Robertson McQuilkin (CBC '47) and wife, Muriel (CBC '47) served as Headmaster of Ben Lippen School, had 12 years of service in Japan as a church planter before being called as President of CBC where he served with distinction for 22 years. Anne McQuilkin Priest (CBC '52) served with her husband, Perry (CBC '52) in Bolivia, South America for 30 years with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Since 1985, they have been serving among the Jibu tribe in Nigeria with Wycliffe. This family represents 134 years of missionary service plus 58 years of stateside ministry.

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Edwin Frizen

Edwin L. Jack Frizen, Jr. (CBS 1950)
Distinguished Alumnus, March 1992

Mission Executive. Jack Frizen began his life of mission service while serving the U.S. Navy in the Philippines. He helped start a nondenominational Bible School called the Far Eastern bible Institute and Seminary and what is known today as SEND International. He served in the Philippines for eight years after his graduation from CBS. In 1962, Jack was selected as executive director of Interdenominational Foreign Mission Association of North America (IFMA), which is the accrediting agency for conservation evangelical missions that are not a part of a denomination. IFMA had 45 member mission sand when he stepped down, IFMA had 72 North American-based agencies representing 11,100 cross-cultural missionaries from North America and 3,000 missionaries from other countries. Dr. Frizen's work will continue to benefit the direction of missions and their leaders for many generations. Jack passed away in 2012.

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Sara Petty

Sara Petty (CBS 1939)
Distinguished Alumna, March 1992

Educator. Sara Petty taught Bible in the South Carolina public schools before coming back to CBC in 1945 when Dr. Robert C. McQuilkin asked her to establish a Bible Teaching Department. She designed and taught the curriculum while establishing relationships with public schools. In 1952, she became Dean of Women and served as College Mom for the next 21 years. She went back to the teaching department until her retirement in 1979. Since 1980 she has been leading Bible Studies and coordinates the Marketplace Bible Studies for working women in Columbia. Sara passed away in 2006.

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Mittie Hatch

Mittie Orr Hatch (CBC 1942)
Distinguished Alumna, March 1992

Homemaker. Mittie Orr Hatch served the Lord faithfully as a housewife and mother. Being married to James "Buck" Hatch gave her many opportunities for ministry. However, her focus throughout the years was to faithfully minister to her five men. All her boys were involved in ministry and they cite the example of their parents' consistent walk with the Lord. Often they saw their mother excuse herself to 'talk with God.' She is a poet and an excellent writer. People have recognized her consistent, quiet and loyal support of Buck. Her life may appear to be simple, but a woman of God who can find? Mittie passed away in 2006.

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Bong Rin Ro

Bong Rin Ro (CBC 1960)
Distinguished Alumnus, March 1993

Educator. Bong Rin Ro was reared in Seoul, Korea during the Korean War. Following his father's death, Bong's mother and five siblings lived in extreme poverty. God answered his mother's prayers when Bong dedicated his life to the Lord's service. When Bong came in CBC in 1956, he knew few English words. But with the encouragement of his classmates, he graduated four years later. Bong and his wife, Alma, joined Overseas Missionary Fellowship in 1970 and began their ministry training Asians at the Asia Theological Association. Bong serves as Executive Director for World Evangelical Fellowship Theological Commission as well as professor at Bible Institute of Hawaii. He travels extensively, speaking and teaching in an effort to bring an awareness of missions into the churches and encouraging young people to prepare for missions.

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Carolyn Ray

Carolyn Ray (CBC 1952)
Distinguished Alumna, March 1993

Educator. Carolyn Ray loves the Bible and loves to teach it to children. Reared in a godly home, Carolyn made her public profession of faith at nine. She became very active in her local church, memorized Scripture, attended Youth for Christ meetings and CBC Spring Conferences. Following her graduation from CBC in 1952, Carolyn taught Bible classes, Bible Clubs and adult Bible studies in Cairo, Georgia. The Lord then led her to Reidsville, NC where she became known as "Reidsville's Bible Teacher". Carolyn has taught the Bible in the public school for over 30 years touching almost 400 impressionable lives each week. Her summers are spent at Camp Tapawingo, a girls camp in New York. She continues to teach the Word to children and adults who have never heard of Jesus Christ. Carolyn passed away in 2003.

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Sanna Rossi

Sanna Barlow Rossi (CBC 1939)
Distinguished Alumna, March 1993

Missionary/Writer. Sanna Barlow Rossi accepted the Lord as her Savior at the age of seven and attended Ben Lippen Conference and later Columbia Bible College. Sanna's years at CBC were very pivotal ones in her life. "To know Him and to make Him known" became her life theme. Following her graduation from CBC in 1939, Sanna taught the Bible to children and later worked with Joy Ridderhof (CBC '25) of Gospel Recordings. In 1954 Sanna married the late Anthony Rossi, a successful businessman sold out to Jesus Christ. Through Mr. Rossi's generous funding, many Christian educational institutions, missions and other charities have been able to further the kingdom of God. One special project is Bradenton Missionary Village, housing for retired missionaries, where Sanna is a wonderful hostess. Sanna passed away in 2007.

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Gordon Jones

Dr. Gordon Jones (CBC 1955)
Distinguished Alumnus, March 1994

Missionary/Physician. Gordon came to know the Lord under Sam Shepperson's ministry in El Dorado, Arkansas. Later, at CBC, he felt God's call to be a missionary surgeon. After marrying Jeannette Taylor, who also attended CBC, he studied tropical medicine at Tulane. Gordon and Jeannette were led to Luampa Hospital in Zambia in 1968 and worked there for 25 years. Gordon was the hospital's Medical Superintendent but he had many non-medical activities as well, like working on diesel generators, diesel water pumps, tractors! Gordon also served as an elder in the local church, on the church mission executive committee of the Evangelical Church of Zambia and taught TEE courses. Gordon passed away in 1997.

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Anne Stadler

Anne Stadler (CBC 1934)
Distinguished Alumna, March 1994

Para-Church/Educator. Anne was born into a non-Christian family. AT Eliada (forerunner of Ben Lippen Conference) she committed her life to Jesus Christ. After graduating from CBC, she and Fannelle Shepperson began after-school Bible classes and chapel services where thousands of children heard God's Word. After eight years, the duo moved to Camden, Arkansas, to begin a similar ministry. They stressed teaching God's Word in a manner easy for children and lay people to understand. They also gave priority to missions and many CIU missionaries gave testimonies in their groups. An avid reader, Anne was the enthusiastic Christian literature distributor of the duo until her retirement in 1991. Anne passed away in 1996.

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Fanelle Shepperson

Fanelle Shepperson (CBC 1935)
Distinguished Alumna, March 1994

Para-church/Educator.  Fan was burdened for thousands of unchurched children. The oldest of four, born into a home, she in 1935, she and Anne Stadler, a friend from CBC, began a partnership which lasted over 51 years. First, they worked in Pensacola, Florida, and later in the public schools of Camden, Arkansas. During that time, Fan wrote teachers’ lesson guides for Flash Card series, organized a children’s TV program called God’s Treasure Chest, which provided correspondence Bible courses, wrote a tract on assurance of salvation for children, and began a telephone ministry. IN 1991 she retired, but now serves as the unofficial chaplain of Rolling Green Village Where she lives. She was a player in the Arkansas/CIU Connection. Fannelle passed away in 2006.

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Dorothy Shepperson

Dorothy L. Shepperson (CBC 1955)
Distinguished Alumna, March 1994

Lay Person/Pastor's wife.  Dot was born into a nominal Christian home. She attended the Marrable Hill Chapel with her mother and was saved there. Later, along with three others from the church, she decided to attend CBC. Four years after her graduation, she and Sam Shepperson, her pastor at Marrable Hill, were married. Mac, Jac, and Zac were soon added to the family. Dot is an ideal pastor's wife and homemaker-warm, friendly, and outgoing. She has run a Christian bookstore in her home for the past 25 years and loves to teach women the principles of Titus 2. In addition, Dot has always helped with VBS, teaches a couples' class and, along with Sam, holds marriage seminars. In short, she is always at the heart of ongoing ministry.

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Sam Shepperson

Sam G. Shepperson (CBC 1944)
Distinguished Alumnus, March 1994

Pastor. Sam was a vital part of the Arkansas/CIU Connection. He received Christ as his Savior as a child and later came to assurance of his salvation. He attended CBC but finished at Furman University. In 1949, a home prayer group asked Sam to become the pastor of their little group of believers in El Dorado, Arkansas. The Marrable Hill Chapel was organized as an independent Bible church with an emphasis on building Christ-centered lives through biblical preaching. He met Dorothy Lyle (CBC '55) and they married in 1959. Inspired by the Ben Lippen Conference, Sam and the men of the church also developed Victory Bible Conference Center. Over 35 young people from his ministry attended CBCS and many have served the Lord around the world.

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Joyce Scott

Rev. Dr. Joyce M. Yost Scott (CBC 1946)
Distinguished Alumna, March 1995

Missionary, Educator, Leader in Literacy and Community Development. Joyce Scott, saved at 16, was challenged by the lost world in high school. At CBC she was staggered to learn that India's millions had never heard of Jesus. Surrendering to the Lord's call to serve Him there, she sailed to India in 1950. Her multifaceted 44-year ministry has left its mark upon India in education, medicine, community development, and literacy. Most significantly, in 1988 India's central government named her "The Mother of Education" in recognition of her vast contribution to India's peoples. Joyce passed away in 2004.

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Charles Edward Shipman (CBC 1954), Gloria McClintock Shipman, (CBC 1956)
Distinguished Alumni, March 1995

Innovators of Ministry to Troubled Youth. Ed and Gloria Shipman both trusted Christ during high school. They met at CBC and were married in 1954. In 1974 they opened their home to shelter two runaway teenage girls. From that grew a vision to minister to troubled children. In 1975 Happy Hill Farm Academy/Home was born. Today, it is a fully-accredited, 500-acre treatment facility designed to give children the individual attention and love they so desperately need.

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Bresile St. Germain

Bresile St. Germain (CBS 1988)
Distinguished Alumnus, March 1995

Pastor, Missioniary Church Planter, Church Growth Strategist. Bresile St. Germain, radically changed by God's love as a teenager in Haiti, was called into full-time ministry in Haiti at age 21. His pastor's heart and self-effacing leadership have won him the respect and trust of both his countrymen and his missionary colleagues. He served as president and director of the Evangelical Baptist Mission of Haiti (MEBSH) and led the Council of Evangelical Churches (CEEH) before earning a master's degree in church planting from CBS in 1988. Under Ministry in Action, he serves as church growth strategy director for French-speaking areas.

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Erik Barnett, Emily Barnett (not pictured), Ruth Barnett Collins, William Barnett
Distinguished Alumni, March 1996

The Distinguished Alumni are representative of a prominent missionary family, the Barnets of Kenya, who have served the Lord with distinction in Kenya and other parts of Africa since 1908. Erik Barnett (CBC 1931) served as AIM's education secretary and as AIM's field director in Kenya. He also helped establish Scott Theological Seminary. Erik's wife, Emily Barnett (CBC 1932), served faithfully beside her husband for many years until she went to be with her Lord in February 1996. Ruth Barnett Collins (CBC 1935) and her husband, Tom, worked among the nomadic Pokot people in Kenya. After Tom's death, Ruth served as a nurse at AIC Missionary Training College in Eldoret, Kenya. William Barnett (CBC 1937) and his wife, Laura, worked as a surgeon/nurse team in several hospitals located in Tanzania, in Kijabe, Kenya, and in the Muslim controlled Comoro Islands.

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Ian Hay

Ian Moreland Hay (CBS 1951)
Distinguished Alumnus, March 1997

Missionary Statesman. Ian Moreland Hay was born in Nigeria of Scottish missionaries. He received his B.A. degree from Bryan College in Tennessee before coming to CIU for graduate study. He and his wife, June, were accepted for missionary service with SIM, arriving on the Nigerian field in 1952. Four years later, Ian became SIM's West African field director and has held successively more important positions since that time, including director for North America, deputy general director, and general director, a position which he held for 18 years. In 1993, he was appointed general director emeritus, the position which he now holds. Ian has authored several books and numerous articles on missions and prayer. In addition to serving in various leadership positions on the professional boards and societies, Ian currently serves as chairman of the CIU board of trustees.

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Paul Gilchrist

Paul Rowland Gilchrist (CBC 1953)
Distinguished Alumnus, March 1997

Denominational Executive. Paul Rowland Gilchrist was born to Presbyterian missionaries in Chile. He accepted Christ at age 13 and soon felt called to Christian service. Paul has served as a pastor, as the dean of students and professor of biblical studies at Covenant College and as a visiting lecturer at other colleges and seminaries. Paul is a prolific author and a scholar in Old Testament languages, having translated the book of Nahum for the New King James Version of the Bible. Paul makes frequent trips to the mission field and has served on the boards of various Presbyterian missions organizations. He is an authority on church statistics. Presently Paul holds the position of the stated clerk (chief administrative officer) of the Presbyterian Church in America.

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Betty Efird

Betty Joan Efird (CBC 1962)
Distinguished Alumna, March 1997

Public School Teacher. Betty Efird s a courageous woman who has not let a physical disability keep her from living a full and active life. Betty was born with a defective bone structure that prevented proper growth of her legs and feet, causing her to become a double amputee at age 10. While at CBC, Betty especially enjoyed touring with the Ambassador Choir. She has been honored by civic and professional groups for outstanding community service, including receiving a gubernatorial appointment to the Tennessee Development Disabilities Council and being named Handicapped Professional Woman of the Year. Betty was an itinerant Bible teacher in the Tennessee Public Schools for 17 years before joining the staff at Ringgold (Georgia) Junior High School as a science teacher in 1981.

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James Hatch

James M. "Buck" Hatch (CBS 1939)
Distinguished Alumnus, March 1998

Teacher and Counselor. Buck Hatch was one of six members of the first class to be graduated from the CBC Graduate School in 1939. Later, at the University of Chicago, he studied psychology and social studies. As a teacher, counselor, and administrator, Buck has been part of Columbia International University for more than forty years. Beloved by all, Buck Hatch worked under four CIU presidents: Dr. R.C. McQuilkin, Dr. G. Allen Fleece, Dr. Robertson McQuilkin, and Dr. Johnny V. Miller. Although he held other positions during his years at CIU, his first love was teaching. The establishment of the James M. Hatch Chair of Biblical Counseling, a part of the 75thAnniversary celebration, honors a man who calls himself a Bible teacher by the grace of God, and who pioneered in the area of Christian counseling. Buck passed away in 1999.

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Elizabeth Sessions

Elizabeth Rikard Sessions (CBC 1943)
Distinguished Alumna, March 1999

Homemaker, Businesswoman, and Bible Teacher. Elizabeth's life is a vivid picture of faithfulness and victory. Several years after graduating from CBC, Elizabeth and her mother founded the Rikard Nursing Homes, where Elizabeth served for 28 years. In the mid-80s, Elizabeth, using her knowledge of the Word and her spiritual gifts, began teaching an adult Sunday School class at Lexington Baptist Church, South Carolina, where she continues to teach today. She also holds a weekly Bible study at a local prison as well as a lunch-hour Bible class for businesswomen. From 1976 to 1993, she served on the Board of Trustees at CIU. Through Elizabeth's life experiences she has clearly witnessed the truth of Romans 8:28: "For we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose."

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Fred Cheung

Fred T. Cheung (CBC 1961)
Distinguished Alumnus, March 1999

Pastor and Missions Visionary. It was at Columbia that Fred obtained his life vision of becoming a pastor and a pioneer of global missions among the Chinese churches. Soon after graduation, Fred began pastoring a church in St. Louis, Missouri, which became the first Chinese church in the US to have a missions program and a faithful promise offering for missions. In 1976, Fred helped found the China Graduate School of Theology, in Hong Kong, which became the first postgraduate theological school in Hong Kong with a goal of reaching the Chinese people. Here he served as vice president and professor. In 1990, Fred became senior pastor of the Los Angeles Chinese Evangelical Free Church. Fred has trained preachers, visited churches, and spoken at conferences all over the world. Fred passed away in 2004.

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Otis (BA 1950) and Laura (MA 1948) Braswell
Distinguished Alumni, March 2000

Faithful Servants to CIU. Otis and Laura met at CIU and were married shortly after Otis' graduation in 1950. Otis and Laura have collectively served CIU with distinction for over 61 years. Otis was dean of men for 16 years and director of field education for 17 years. He was known for being a good listener and counselor. As head librarian, Laura was instrumental in bringin about a cataloging system which developed into the Online Public Access Catalog. After their retirement from the university in 1989, the Braswells continued in active ministry for the Lord serving two churches for a total of eight years. After retiring the second time, the Braswells have continued to serve the Lord through a campground ministry in Florida. Otis and Laura Braswell are examples of commitment and service to God, and their lives challenge us to vigorously go and do likewise. Otis passed away in 2008 and Laura in 2010.

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Harry Dent

Harry Shuler Dent (CBS 1982)
Distinguished Alumnus, March 2001

Political Strategist, lay speaker, teacher, and author. Harry Shuler Dent gave his life to Christ in 1978. After graduating from CBS, Harry gave his life to ministry around the globe. Harry and his wife, Betty, founded LAITY: Alive and Serving, Inc. in 1985. Through this ministry they partnered with believers in Romania to establish the first Christian radio station. LAITY enables pastors to attend seminary. Harry served Senator Strom Thurmond, Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Bush, Sr. in various important roles. He co-founded and chaired the U.S. Senate staff prayer breakfasts and the first ever White House prayer breakfast. He became the first director of the Billy Graham Lay Center. Harry also helped get character education into the public schools of SC. Harry passed away in 2007.

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Gaetano Sottile

Gaetano "Guy" Sottile (CBC 1979)
Distinguished Alumnus, March 2002

Church Planter, evangelist, mission strategist, author. Guy Sottile, born in Italy, is a man with a God-given vision and a Christ-centered strategy for setting Italy on fire with the Gospel of Christ. In 1983, Guy founded Italy's first evangelistic association, now called Italy for Christ. He has planted three churches and works with existing local churches in the area of evangelism. He and his team brought 500 Italian pastors and church leaders together in one united meeting called the First Congress on Evangelism. Guy established the first evangelical prayer time in the Italian parliament. He is a published author and has produced his crusades on radio and T.V. Guy is also the president of the Italian Evangelical Alliance and serves as Dr. James Dobson's spokesperson for Italy.

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Carroll Tarkington

Carroll "Tark" P. Tarkington (BC 1968)
Distinguished Alumnus, March 2003

Military Serviceman, Missionary, Pioneer, Pastor, Teacher. Carroll Tarkington, born on a farm in North Carolina, is a man who has reached thousands for Christ through his international military ministry and national pastorate. After graduating from CBC, Tark joined a team of men who founded what is now called Cadence International, ministering to military personnel overseas. Tark was instrumental in setting up ministry centers in the Philippines, Japan, Okinawa, Vietnam, Thailand, and Spain. Once back in the States, Tark pastored and helped found Liberty Baptist Church near Ft. Bragg, NC. He taught classes at Carolina Bible College and served as a military chaplain during the Gulf War. Tark has served on the Board of Direction for Cadence International for many years.

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Steve Richardson (BC 1984, CBS 1985)
Distinguished Alumnus, March 2004

Church Planter, Missionary Pioneer, Leader. Steve was raised on the mission field in Irian Jaya, Indonesia and has had a heart for cross cultural missionary service since childhood. As Team Leader for a new PIONEERS church planting effort in West Java, Indonesia among the Sundanese Muslims, Steve and Arlene initiated a Sundanese language Christian magazine, helped establish a resource and research ministry center for Sundanese evangelism, two English language schools, a self-help development and skills training program called Agape Craft and various other ministries. As Area Director, Steve provided oversight for more than 15 missionary teams and facilitated the establishment of PIONEERS mobilization bases in Australia and New Zealand. Steve assumed his responsibilities as PIONEERS U.S. Director in August 1999.

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Dennis Cochrane

Dennis Cochrane (BC 1958)
Distinguished Alumnus, September 2005

Missionary, Mobilizer, Speaker. The son of missionaries, Dennis was called into missions at an early age. Following his studies at Columbia Bible College, Dennis and his late wife Nancy (Lathrop) Cochrane served with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea, where over 2,000 of the Duna people responded to the gospel after hearing it in their language for the first time. Dennis was called to work for Wycliffe as a mobilizer after returning to the United States. He is in demand as a speaker and has created many technology-driven products that have improved Wycliffe's recruiting efforts. Dennis and his wife Sandy continue to serve with Wycliffe in inspiring the next generation of Bible translators.

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Titus Kivunzi

Dr. Titus M. Kivunzi (CGS 1976)
Alumnus of the Year, September 2006

Pastor, Missiologist, Teacher, Administrator. Titus came to the Lord at a school run by Africa Inland Mission.   He holds the MA from Columbia Graduate School of Bible and Missiona and DMin from TEDS. Titus returned to Kenya where he served as Dean of Students at Scott Theological College and then as Bishop of the Africa Inland Church. He now heads the Pastoral Ministries department at Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology. Titus and his wife, Peninnah, have two children: son, Kivunzi, who is married to Allyson, and daughter, Mueni.

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Dr. Tony (CBS 1970) and Sharon Meahl (CBC 1960) Gould
Alumni of the Year, September 2007

Pastor, Servants of Christ. Tony and Sharon have a passion for the lost and deep love for people that has led them to minister in 20 different countries through 50 years of marriage and ministry together. Tony is a graduate of CBC, CBS and Luther Rice Seminary. From 1957 to 1989, he served as pastor for churches across the United States, one of which was a church plant. Tony is gifted in biblical exposition with practical application. In Jackson, MI, he successfully led a Christian school to grow to 400 students. Sharon has served alongside her husband as a Christian school administrator, musician, library innovator and instructor, women's speaker, and administrator of Tony's over 840 sermon tapes in addition to being a super spouse to him. In 1990 the Goulds made a radical shift, moving into full time foreign missions with SIM. They served until 1997 training new church leaders through several Bible colleges, mostly in South Africa but also in Israel. Since their retirement the Goulds return each year to teach at Union Bible Institute.

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David (CBC 1967) and Shirley Hunt (CBC 1971) Moreland
Alumni of the Year, September 2007

Laypeople, Businessman, Administrators. David was born and raised in New Jersey by a family whose passion for business was exceeded only by their passion for God. He enrolled in CBC because of his desire to know God and to serve Him better in the marketplace. Following studies at CBC and Faith Theological Seminary, David worked at Word of Life Fellowship at Schroon Lake, NY. From 1969 to 1983, he worked in the family business, State Stop, in Acton, MA, taking over as owner when his father retired. During these years, he and Shirley ministered on the weekends through preaching, teaching, and singing. Shirley's administrative skills have enhanced David's business enterprises. She has ministered to women through teaching, encouragement and hospitality. Since 1984, David has been VP of Sales and Marketing for Shell Point Retirement Community in Fort Myers and Deland, FL, guiding Shell Point to a position of marketplace strength. David currently serves on the CIU Board of Trustees and is a Board member for Foundation in Christ ministry in Ireland.

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Grover DeVault

Grover DeVault (CBC 1953)
Alumni of the Year, September 2008

U.S. Army Chaplain, Pastor, Educator. Grover DeVault earned a diploma from Philadelphia Biblical University before attending CIU, where he earned his BA in 1953. The next year, Grover married Nancy, and they now have four married daughters and thirteen grandchildren! Grover went on to earn a Master's degree at Faith Theological Seminary and did osme graduate work at Dallas Theological Seminary. In 1957, Grover was ordained to the ministry and began his distinguished career as a U.S. Army Chaplain - 22 years of active duty service. During this time, he was honored with over 65 letters of commendation and achievement, among which is the Legon of Merit, one of our nation's highest military honors. In 2003, Grover initiated a police chaplaincy in the Pennsylvania State Police force. With Grover as thier first chaplain, the prlgram has grown to about 48 chaplains. Grover now lives in Lancaster, PA, where he and Nancy serve as northeast representatives for Cadence International.

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Mary Faith Phillips

Mary Faith Phillips (CBC 1954)
Alumni of the Year 2008

Bible Teacher. Mary Faith graduated from CIU with her BA in Biblical Education in 1954. She taught Bible in public schools for two years in Bluefield, WV before returning to CIU to earn a Master's degree and as supervisor for women's Christian Service for four years. After two years in Bluefield, WV, Mary Faith went to Pontotoc, MS (her home town) to teach Bible in the public schools. In 1973, she returned to CIU to serve as the Associate Director for Christian Service, and in 1979 became the Director of the Bible Teaching program at CIU. She retired from this position in 1997, and now volunteers her time at French Camp Academy in MS; a Christian school-home dedicated to helping young people from broken home situations.

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Paul Young

Paul Timothy Young (CBS 1974)
Alumni of the Year 2008

Speaker, Artist, Missionary, Writer. During Paul's years as a CIU student, he began developing chalk art as a means of illustrating his sermons. After his graduation from CIU, Paul developed his preaching ministry by adding puppets, magic, and singing. By 1991 he was traveling throughout the U.S., as well as making short-term mission trips overseas. In 1992, Paul married Vicki and in 1995 they traveled to South Africa. Since 2001, Paul, Vicki and their children have lived in South Africa, reaching people with the message of Jesus in churches, schools, prisons, conference centers, and streets. In recent years, Paul's ministry had been extended through booklets, DVDs, and broadcasts on South African television.

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J. Allen Thompson

J. Allen Thompson (CBC 1955)
Alumni of the Year 2009

Teacher, Missionary, Church Planter. Son of Elmer and Evelyn Thompson, J. Allen Thompson came to CIU as a student following a degree from Prairie Bible Institute. He married Marilyn, his "right hand" in ministry, in September 1954, and graduated from CIU in 1955. From 1957 - 1960, Allen served as the director of Los Pinos Nuevos seminary in Cuba, where he taught much of Buck Hatch's material. Allen relocated to Dominican Republic where he continued training nationals, and in 1967 Allen became director of West Indies Mission, later World Team, where they expanded to Brazil, Spain, France, and Italy. Since 2000, Allen has worked with Redeemer Presbyterian Church and Pastor Tim Keller in New York City. Redeemer Church Planting Center plants strategic inner city gospel churches in 55 cities of the world. They have 2 daughters, Shari and Debi and 8 grandchildren.

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Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson (CBC 1962)
Alumni of the Year 2009

Missionary, Equipper, Teacher. The fourth child of Elmer and Evelyn, Paul Thompson, Paul graduated from the Bible College in 1962, and then earned a masters degree from Denver Theological Seminary in 1965. He married Carol, and together they ministered at two churches, one in Mexico City and in Arizona, and later served God in Spain from 1972 to 1992, where Paul served as the Field Director. They faced several challenges of Muslim influence and difficult temperaments, but began to build bridges with local people. In 1986, Paul and other colleagues began the World Team Institute of Church Planting. By 1992, Paul and Carol left Spain and returned to the US where Paul spent about 10 years in itinerant training in places like Russia, Cuba, and Asia. In 2003, Paul and Carol relocated to Dominican Republic so they could focus on a new effort called "Casa Yada," a ministry providing "intentional training in a community context." Paul and Carol seek to equip Latin Americans to reach their own people, and then the world, with the Gospel. Carol's greatest impact is discipling wives involved in Casa Yada, and preparing them for future ministry. Paul and Carol have three married children and five grandchildren.

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Phil and Carolyn Ayers (CBC 1976 and 1973)
Alumni of the Year 2009

Loving Couple, Patient Caretaker. The youngest Thompson sibling is Carolyn. In 1971, during her senior year at the Bible College, Carolyn was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Her struggles MS symptoms led her to drop out, but Carolyn returned to Columbia to work for the music department, where she worked until the summer of 1975. She graduated from the Bible College. In California, Philip Ayers was stationed with the US Navy during the Vietnam War. Through a Billy Graham crusade, Phil heard the testimony of a man who had attended CIU, which God used to bring Phil to CIU in 1973. God showed Phil that he had a special calling which did not involve being a missionary, rather taking care of a wife with health needs. Phil and Carolyn met at CIU and married in June 1975. Phil has served God in the marketplace as an inside salesman with the Alan H. Shaw Company. Carolyn was able to work for many years as part time church secretary, played the piano at church, and worked remotely from home as a receptionist. She now has a nurse who cares for her during the week, and Phil lovingly cares for her every night and on the weekends. Phil is an inspiration to many in his marriage to Carolyn and takes her to Bible conferences, concerts, and even marriage conferences over the years. Phil realizes that Carolyn understands and processes everything around her, and he wants to keep her connected and involved. It takes hours to care for Carolyn, as Carolyn is now immobile and paralyzed from the neck down.

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Cash and Ann Mickle Godbold

Cash and Ann Mickle Godbold (CBC 1957 and 1958)
Alumni of the Year 2010

Pioneer missionaries
Cash and Ann are true pioneer missionaries, living for 30 years in the Sahara Desert working with the Tuareg people. They grew up in Columbia, attended CIU, and married in 1958. Leaving for the mission field in 1960, they raised 3 children in severe and primitive conditions. Their love for the Tuareg was obvious in their adaptation to their ways, dress, food, and customs. Their continuing work is a strong testimony to the missionary call, conducting workshops on the mission field and the US teaching believers how to witness to the Muslim people. Cash and Ann have been used mightily to stir the hearts of churches and young people for the cause of missions. Each of their three married children attended CIU and has spent time on the African mission field.

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Alfred and Joy Turner Tuggy

Alfred and Joy Turner Tuggy (CBC 1943 and CBS 1964)
Alumni of the Year 2010

A Christian, wife, mother, missionary, and finally a housewife."
These words best describe Joy. She wrote these words in her book "A Missionary Wife and Her Work," and has spent her life living out those words. Born to missionary parents, Joy spent several years at the Westervelt Home for Missionary Children in Columbia. Joy married Alfred Tuggy in 1946. They served as missionaries for 54 years with the Orinoco River Mission in eastern Venezuela. When they returned to the US in retirement, they continued their mission work as he wrote a variety of Greek/Spanish reference works. Together they raised nine children, who all love the Lord and attended CIU. They have 27 grandchildren, and many great-grandchildren. Alfred went to be with the Lord in March 2007.

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Rob and Katrina Morgan

Robert J. and Katrina Polvinen Morgan (CBC 1974 and 1976)
Alumni of the Year 2011

Pastor, Author, Speaker
Robert Morgan began his life of mission service with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  He is the Pastor of The Donelson Fellowship in suburban Nashville, TN. He is the best-selling and Gold-Medallion winning writer with over 35 books in print, approaching 2 million in print circulation.  His products in electronic and audio format number hundreds of thousands. His books have been translated into Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Indonesian, and Korean. Between Rob's personal/pastoral/mentoring ministries to others, his writing, his preaching & teaching, or even his exemplary marriage with his wife Katrina (who has Multiple Sclerosis), he certainly impacts any who have ears to hear God's Word. He and his wife Katrina have three daughters and ten grandchildren.

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Wilma Cross


Wilma J. Cross (CBC 1969)
Alumni of the Year 2011

Missionary, Teacher, Chaplain
Wilma Cross has had an amazing, long-term, courageous and effective ministry among the prison population of Chile, South America.  In 1972, she went to Chile with World Presbyterian Missions and taught at the Evangelical Institute of Quillota.  She developed the first Protestant ministry for women in Chilean prisons, the focus being on evangelizing women in prison, training volunteers for prison and mercy ministries, and operating a rehabilitation house for girls.

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Kumiko Jean Takeuchi


Kumiko Jean Takeuchi (CGS 1978)
Alumni of the Year 2012

Bible Teacher, Scientist, Chemist
Jean is a research scientist, retired from Eli Lilly and Company. She spent 20 years in drug discovery research at Lilly Research Laboratories and published over 30 publications in peer-reviewed journals and filed over 30 U.S. patents. She was involved in the identification and development of five clinical candidates at Lilly, or which two have advanced in human clinical trials as potential therapeutic drugs. She earned her PhD in Chemistry from the University of South Carolina, her MA in Chemistry from the College of William and Mary, an MA in Bible and Missions from Columbia International University, and her Diploma in chemical engineering from Niihama Technical College in Japan. In 2011, she earned her MPhil in Theology and Religious Studies from the University of Cambridge, U.K.

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Chris and Bonnie Barrows Thomas


Chris Thomas (1970) and Bonnie Barrows Thomas (Honorary Alumni)
Alumni of the Year 2013

Pastor, Leaders, Teacher.
Chris ('70) is the General Director of Torchbearers International, the ministry founded by his father, Major Ian Thomas. Chris spends most of his time giving direction and vision to the worldwide ministry and as "pastor" to the staff. Bonnie comes from a rich Christian heritage as the oldest child of Cliff Barrows, music and program director for Billy Graham. After graduation from Wheaton College, she served on the staff of Campus Crusade and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association before her marriage to Chris. He and Bonnie both teach at Ravencrest where he was director for 23 years, and now serves as Senior Advisor and minister at large. They are also involved in an extensive conference and retreat ministry throughout the United States and overseas.

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Mark and Linda Nichols Thomas






Bill Harding

Mark (1973) and Linda Nichols Thomas (1973)
Alumni of the Year 2013

Bible teachers, Leaders, Mentors.
As Managing Director of Capernwray, U.K., Mark overseas the year round program He works with leadership, teaches and preaches throughout the program as well as taking speaking opportunities. He participates in other teaching Bible programs, regularly exhorts the staff to pray, and is actively involved in prayer groups. He also mentors students. As Domestic Manager at Capernwray Hall, Linda coordinates the volunteer staff, is a great teacher of crafts and card-making. She also leads Bible studies, corresponds with volunteers and is involved in the “Big Picture” of running Capernwray Hall. Born in Charlotte, NC, Linda attended Calvary Church where her father worked with the junior high youth and her mother led the women’s ministry. Grace was very hospitable and passed on or developed that trait in her daughter.

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William (Bill) T. Harding III (’50)

Alumnus of the Year, October 2014

Pastor, Missionary, Translator.  Bill and his late wife Elaine (’50) served for over 30 years in Ethiopia teaching pastors and helping grow hundreds of new congregations. They went to Ethiopia in 1954 with SIM, studied Amharic and achieved what he called “a joyful fluency that allowed me to preach”. In February 2013 the doors to the Harding Bible School opened.  The school that honors the Harding’s efforts continues to reach far beyond traditional missionary work. Bill and his wife Betty continue to serve God with SIM.

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