Director's Honor

      This individual's life and ministry should reflect a faithful example of the five core values of CIU. These are: Authority of Scripture, Victorious Christian Living, World Evangelization, Prayer and Faith, and Evangelical Unity.

     This honor is bestowed by the Director of Alumni Ministries at his/her discretion. There is no regularity specified for this award, in order to allow the Director to award this honor as often as he/she finds the appropriate recipient.

     This award is made by the Director to honor those who have given support that encouraged and enhanced the effective ministry of the Alumni staff towards all CIU alumni. This award is not limited to, but may include, CIU alumni. This may include substantial volunteer help with Homecoming, Alumni Gatherings, Alumni Project, Alumni-Student Prayer Partnership, or other undertakings that impact CIU alumni.

The 2010 Director’s Honor was presented to:

Nancy Brown Dare ('51) in recognition of her faithful commitment and devotion to the class of 1951 and to CIU.

 Mary Lee Fry Walker ('52) in recognition of her faithful commitment and devotion to the class of 1952 and to CIU.




 The 2011 Director’s Honor was presented to:


Sylvia Phelps(’77) has had a heart for missions since graduating from Columbia Bible College.  She prays faithfully for missionaries, for lost people & for the persecuted church. She gave Alumni Ministries the idea to seek  out countries where CIU alumni were not serving and to challenge students to consider going there.  It led to building the map of the world and color coding the different countries.


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