Distinguished Faculty/Staff

This individual's life and ministry should reflect a faithful example of the five core values of CIU. These are: Authority of Scripture, Victorious Christian Living, World Evangelization, Prayer and Faith, and Evangelical Unity.

     This honor recognizes outstanding achievement and commitment by a faculty or staff person. It is not necessarily a length of service award, but rather honors the depth of service by this individual. This may be the staff person who serves in the shadows to support CIU's efforts to train students, or it may be the faculty member who is involved beyond the classroom in extensive mentoring, writing, speaking or counseling. The honoree should be a current CIU employee at the time of recognition, but special consideration of a former/retired faculty or staff member could be possible. 

     If the honored faculty or staff member is not already an alumnus, this recognition would be accompanied by honorary alumni status.

Debby Reichel with AwardDebby Reichel received the 2009 CIU Distinguished Faculty and Staff Honor.  

After 38 years on staff, Debby has realized that God's ministry plan for her was to be the Director of the Curriculum & Ministry Resource Department. Debby has assisted in training and equipping thousands of students in creative Bible teaching. In fact, there is probably no one who graduated from CIU since 1972 who has not come to Debby for help with a Bible story illustration or missionary story object, a box of crayons, or a creative puzzle for their students. Debby is extremely organized and cares for each student that enters the Curriculum & Ministry Resource Department. In her quiet and kind manner, Debby has imparted to thousands of CIU graduates her love for the Savior and His Word, through the effective use of teaching resources.

 Bob Kallgren received the 2010 CIU Distinguished Faculty and Staff Honor.  

Bob served Christ in so many ways but he was honored for his faithful service to CIU, helping other schools through ABHE, and his church, Columbia Christian Fellowship where he served as an elder. He was frequently the catalyst for assessment and planning for the church and agonized in prayer and long deliberations during painful seasons of really seeking to live racial reconciliation up close as one church family.  Bob and his wife Judy have a heart for people far from God. For his work in Human Resources at CIU, his beautiful multi-colored church, and several of the predominately non-white Bible colleges he has served: there is one resounding theme of living to show the power of the Gospel to forge one family, many shades of skin color, but all loved and treasured by the Father and by Bob.
Bob Kallgren passed away in 2011

Dr. David Osterlund received the 2011 CIU Distinguished Faculty Honor. 

David Osterlund, Doc O. came to CIU in July 1989, after serving on, and directing the music faculty at several Midwestern  universities.  He and his wife, Darcy, spent four years in Ethiopia doing music education, research and missions.  Doc O is a noted ethno-musicologist, who links the heart music of a people group to lyrics that proclaim faith in the One True God.  Doc O seeks musical excellence – really serious and deep music. But his real focus is on the heart of the musician. No role better defines Doc O's legacy at CIU today than that of Kirkland Prison Initiative Director.  Doc O spends 30 hours per week, all year long, plannign this full-time program, interacting with inmates and prison staff, and raising funds in the community to sustain the program. The words of the Lord Jesus best apply to Doc O:   “Well done, you good and faithful servant!”

BobWenzelBob Wenzel received the 2011 CIU Distinguished Staff Honor

Bob Wenzel has served tirelessly at CIU for over 30 years in a marketplace staff role.  His titles have included: Assistant Director of Printing Services, Director of Reprographic Services, Print Manager, Production Coordinator, and now as Director of Marketing. Bob serves as the chief interface between the University and vendors such as graphic designers, printers, and mail houses. His personality and gifting make him perfect for this position. Bob always makes sure we receive the highest quality work for the best price. He serves the University with integrity, character, and excellence.  His “above and beyond” work has saved CIU countless dollars and produced excellent printed materials, while impacting lives and bringing glory to God.

Dr. Anita Cooper received the 2012 CIU Distinguished Faculty Honor.

For over 25 years, Anita has prepared countless CIU students to teach and live out God's word to their students around the world.  She goes beyond class assignments and grades to know the heart of her students.  She sets an example of love and care for her students, which they will one day carry into their own classrooms. She also received the 2012 Excellence in Teaching Award presented by South Carolina Independent Colleges & Universities (SCICU).


Dr. Kevin & Lainie Enlow McWilliams received the 2013 CIU Distinguished Faculty/Staff Honors

Kevin and Lainie have been a wonderful asset to CIU life as they exemplify the core values of CIU. Kevin developed and led the undergraduate ICS program for many years. He has been an effective teacher of the Bible and God’s heart for the nations.  Lainie is the model of a servant for the glory of Jesus. A key member of the Student Life team, Lainie is always willing and able to make things happen.  Her loving spirit in the Student Life Office uplifts all those who walk through the door.  Anyone that has been a class officer under the McWilliams’ advisement has certainly learned to lead and plan well, but they have also learned to love and serve well – not by instruction, but by modeling. Kevin and Lainie demonstrate spiritual depth that shines the light of Christ. Watch the low res video HERE


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