Peggy Lee Manoogian - Alumni Team Coordinator

Peggy Lee Manoogian has served in CIU Alumni Relations since 2005 and is an adjunct professor in the Music Department.  She is an accomplished pianist' her diverse musical background includes theatre, performance, and worship leader, and in addition, she established a music academy where she taught music, band, and piano for many years in Lebanon, Italy, Puerto Rico and the United States.  Peggy Lee has a background in business as the owner and operator of the music academy and musical instrument repair shop and is also fluent in English, Arabic and Spanish.

Peggy Lee has two sons: Jeremy, who is married to Christine, and Charley, a 2009 graduate.  She is the proud grandmother of Abigail, Matthias and Melody.

American University of Beirut, Lebanon; Roosevelt University B.ME and M.ME (Instrumental Music Education), Chicago, IL;  Member of Music Educators National Convention and Music Teachers Association; Apprenticed in London, England in musical instrument repair; Certified in Kindermusik and Orff;  ; Transcribed Bedouin folk music recordings;  Honorary Alumna  (2009)of Columbia International University.


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