CARECIU: Alumni volunteering to encourage and support Alumni in need

Each team will have a report to the AALC at the quarterly AALC meetings. Teams will meet twice each quarter. The manner of these meetings is up to the members, campus meeting rooms are available but webcam meetings are also an option.

CARECIU Purpose:

  • Encourage alumni to let us know of needs among our alumni.
  • Build a team of alumni who would like to encourage, call, visit, send a card, or take a meal.

Team Members:

  • Chairpersons: Anne Wenger and Paula Berkey
  • Staff Representative: Peggy Lee Manoogian
  • Committee:  Paula Berkey, Richard/Joyce Trott, Lee Tumey, Anne Wenger

Email us at and let us know you are interested in serving on our CARECIU team. Please include your full contact information in the email.


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