Ticket Prices

Event:                                 Cost

Thursday Lunch              $8.00       Homecoming Kickoff Lunch

Friday Lunch                  $15.00      President's Lunch with Dr. Bill Jones/Daniel Blomberg ('03)

Friday Dinner/Theater  $20.00     "A Promise Kept: Robertson McQuilkin Documentary Film"

Saturday Breakfast         (available for purchase at the cafeteria)

Saturday Lunch (Adult) $8.00       Alumni soccer game - bring chairs, tailgate.

                    (12 + under)  $4.00

Helicopter Ride              $15.00       See the CIU campus from above and enjoy the ride.

Thursday dinner, Friday breakfast, Saturday breakfast are all available for purchase at the cafeteria.  Saturday dinner is available for purchase at the Ben Lippen Field, prior to the CIU Bowl.

Cafeteria meal prices:

CIU alumni prices: breakfast -   $3.50; dinner - $4.50

prices: breakfast -              $6.50; dinner - $7.50

Children's prices: ages 0-2: free; ages 3-8: 50% off;  ages 9 and up: same as adult price.


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