Alumni Association Leadership Council Teams

Advancement: Alumni working to advance Alumni financial participation.

  • Chairperson:
  • Staff Representative: Diane Mull
  • Committee: Frank Bedell, Callie Blackburn, Adrian Despres, Randy Halfacre, Joanna Mower, Jeanette Patterson

Honors: Alumni working to recognize significant contributions of Alumni.

  • Chairperson: Don Sarazen
  • Staff Representative: Diane Mull
  • Committee: Danny Arabis, Elisabeth Davis, Betty Jackson, Alleene Kracht 

Recent Alumni: Recent alumni working to connect, engage and empower other recent alumni through the network of CIU

  • Chairperson: Kimberly Gray
  • Staff Representative: Niki McIntosh
  • Committee: Adam Erickson
  • Non-committee members: Gaby Hacket, Beach Loveland, Brianna McLeod, Daniel Stevanus

Care CIU: Alumni working to support Alumni with prayer, and other needs needs.

  • Chairperson: Edith Parks
  • Staff Representative: Peggy Lee Manoogian
  • Committee: Paula Berkey, Anne Wenger 

Current Students: Alumni working to build rapport with current students.

  • Chairperson: Bill Brown
  • Committee: Ben Byxbe, Ken Frederick, Jennifer Jordan, Robbie McAlister 
  • Non-Council members: Gabrielle Dover

Team Purpose:


  • Build relationships with Alumni
  • Encourage commitment and involvement among alumni
  • Create opportunities to provide a CIU education to future generations


  • Recognize Alumni through 5 different awards
  • Post nomination form on website for alumni participation
  • Review nominations and create categories for additional honors


  • Encourage alumni to let us know of needs among our alumni
  • Build a team of alumni who would like to visit.
  • Reach out to alumni in need (physical, social, visit, send a card, take a meal)

Current Students

  • Invite students to various alumni events
  • Interact with students in their activities on campus
  • Focus on friendships and mentoring between students and alumni
  • Involve Students in Homecoming events/leadership of events