Alumni of the Year

James M. "Buck" Hatch (1939)

Alumnus of the Year, March 1998

Hatch-BuckTeacher/Counselor. Buck Hatch was one of six members of the first class to graduate from the CBC Graduate School in 1939. Later, at the University of Chicago, he studied psychology and social studies. As a teacher, counselor, and administrator, Buck was a big part of Columbia International University for more than forty years. Beloved by all, Buck Hatch worked under four CIU presidents: Dr. R.C. McQuilkin, Dr. G. Allen Fleece, Dr. Robertson McQuilkin, and Dr. Johnny V. Miller. Although he held other positions during his years at CIU, his first love was teaching. The establishment of the James M. Hatch Chair of Biblical Counseling, a part of the 75th Anniversary celebration, honors a man who called himself a Bible teacher by the grace of God, and who pioneered in the area of Christian counseling. Buck passed away in 1999.

Betty Joan Efird (1962)

Alumna of the Year, March 1997

EfirdPublic School Teacher. Betty Efird was a courageous woman who did not let a physical disability keep her from living a full and active life. Betty was born with a defective bone structure that prevented proper growth of her legs and feet, causing her to become a double amputee at age 10. While at CBC, Betty especially enjoyed touring with the Ambassador Choir. She was honored by civic and professional groups for outstanding community service, including receiving a gubernatorial appointment to the Tennessee Development Disabilities Council and being named Handicapped Professional Woman of the Year. Betty was an itinerant Bible teacher in the Tennessee Public Schools for 17 years before joining the staff at Ringgold (Georgia) Junior High School as a science teacher in 1981. Betty passed away in 2016.

Paul Rowland Gilchrist (1953)

Alumnus of the Year, March 1997

GilchristDenominational Executive. Paul Rowland Gilchrist was born to Presbyterian missionaries in Chile. He accepted Christ at age 13 and soon felt called to Christian service. Paul has served as a pastor, as the dean of students and professor of biblical studies at Covenant College and as a visiting lecturer at other colleges and seminaries. Paul is a prolific author and a scholar in Old Testament languages, having translated the book of Nahum for the New King James Version of the Bible. Paul makes frequent trips to the mission field and has served on the boards of various Presbyterian missions organizations. He is an authority on church statistics. Paul held the position of the stated clerk (chief administrative officer) of the Presbyterian Church in America.

Ian Moreland Hay (1951)

Alumnus of the Year, March 1997

HayMissionary Statesman. Ian Moreland Hay was born in Nigeria of Scottish missionaries. He received his B.A. degree from Bryan College in Tennessee before coming to CIU for graduate study. He and his wife, June, were accepted for missionary service with SIM, arriving on the Nigerian field in 1952. Four years later, Ian became SIM's West African field director and held successively more important positions, including director for North America, deputy general director, and general director, a position which he held for 18 years. In 1993, he was appointed general director emeritus. Ian has authored several books and numerous articles on missions and prayer. In addition to serving in various leadership positions on the professional boards and societies, Ian served as chairman of the CIU board of trustees.

Erik Barnett (1931), Emily Barnett (1932) (not pictured), Ruth Barnett Collins (1935), William Barnett (1937)

Alumni of the Year, March 1996

BarnettsMissionary Family. The Barnetts, a prominent missionary family of Kenya, served the Lord with distinction in Kenya and other parts of Africa since 1908. Erik Barnett served as Africa Inland Mission's (AIM's) education secretary and as AIM's field director in Kenya. He also helped establish Scott Theological Seminary. Erik's wife, Emily Barnett, served faithfully beside her husband for many years until she went to be with her Lord in February, 1996. Ruth Barnett Collins and her husband, Tom, worked among the nomadic Pokot people in Kenya. After Tom's death in 1964, Ruth served as a nurse at Africa Inland Church Missionary Training College in Eldoret, Kenya. William Barnett and his wife, Laura, worked as a surgeon/nurse team in several hospitals located in Tanzania, in Kijabe, Kenya, and in the Muslim controlled Comoro Islands. Erik passed away in 2006, Emily passed away in 1996, and Ruth passed away in 1999.

Bresile St. Germain (1988)

Alumnus of the Year, March 1995

St-GermainPastor/Missioniary Church Planter/Church Growth Strategist. Bresile St. Germain, radically changed by God's love as a teenager in Haiti, was called into full-time ministry in Haiti at age 21. His pastor's heart and self-effacing leadership have won him the respect and trust of both his countrymen and his missionary colleagues. He served as President and Director of the Evangelical Baptist Mission of Haiti (MEBSH) and led the Council of Evangelical Churches (CEEH) before earning a master's degree in church planting from CBS in 1988. Under Ministry in Action, he serves as church growth strategy director for French-speaking areas.

Charles Edward (1954), Gloria McClintock (1956) Shipman

Alumni of the Year, March 1995

ShipmanInnovators of Ministry to Troubled Youth. Ed and Gloria Shipman both trusted Christ during high school. They met at CBC and were married in 1954. In 1974 they opened their home to shelter two runaway teenage girls. From that, grew a vision to minister to troubled children. In 1975 Happy Hill Farm Academy/Home was born. Today, it is a fully-accredited, 500-acre treatment facility designed to give children the individual attention and love they so desperately need. Ed passed away in 2016.

Joyce M. Yost Scott (1946)

Alumna of the Year, March 1995

ScottMissionary/Educator/Leader in Literacy/Community Development. Joyce Scott, saved at 16, was challenged by the lost world in high school. At CBC, she was staggered to learn that India's millions had never heard of Jesus. Surrendering to the Lord's call to serve Him there, she sailed to India in 1950. Her multifaceted 44-year ministry has left its mark upon India in education, medicine, community development, and literacy. Most significantly, in 1988 India's central government named her "The Mother of Education" in recognition of her vast contribution to India's peoples. Joyce passed away in 2004.

Sam G. Shepperson (1944)

Alumnus of the Year, March 1994

Shepperson-SamPastor. Sam was a vital part of the Arkansas/CIU Connection. Sam received Christ as his Savior as a child and later came to assurance of his salvation. He attended CBC but finished at Furman University. In 1949, a home prayer group asked Sam to become the pastor of their little group of believers in El Dorado, Arkansas. The Marrable Hill Chapel was organized as an independent Bible church with an emphasis on building Christ-centered lives through biblical preaching. He met Dorothy Lyle (1955) and they married in 1959. Inspired by the Ben Lippen Conference, Sam and the men of the church also developed Victory Bible Conference Center. Over 35 young people from his ministry attended CBCS and many have served the Lord around the world.

Dorothy LYLE Shepperson (1955)

Alumna of the Year, March 1994

Shepperson-DotLay Person/Pastor's wife. Dot was born into a nominal Christian home. She attended the Marrable Hill Chapel with her mother and was saved there. Later, along with three others from the church, she decided to attend CBC. Four years after her graduation, she and Sam Shepperson, her pastor at Marrable Hill, were married. Mac, Jac, and Zac were soon added to the family. Dot is an ideal pastor's wife and homemaker-warm, friendly, and outgoing. She ran a Christian bookstore in her home for over 25 years and loves to teach women the principles of Titus 2. In addition, Dot has always helped with VBS, teaches a couples' class and, along with Sam, holds marriage seminars. In short, she is always at the heart of ongoing ministry.

Fanelle Shepperson (1935)

Alumna of the Year, March 1994

Shepperson-FannellePara-church/Educator. Fan was burdened for thousands of unchurched children. She was the oldest of four children and raised in a Christian home. In 1935, Fan and Anne Stadler, a friend from CBC, began a partnership which lasted over 51 years. They worked in Pensacola, Florida, and later in the public schools of Camden, Arkansas. During that time, Fan wrote teachers' lesson guides for Flash Card series, organized a children's TV program called God's Treasure Chest, which provided correspondence Bible courses, wrote a tract on assurance of salvation for children, and began a telephone ministry. In 1991 she retired, and served as the unofficial chaplain of Rolling Green Village Where she lived. She was part of the Arkansas/CIU Connection. Fannelle passed away in 2006.

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