Alumni of the Year

Anne Stadler (1934)

Alumna of the Year, March 1994

StadlerPara-Church/Educator. Anne was born into a non-Christian family. At Eliada (forerunner of Ben Lippen Conference) she committed her life to Jesus Christ. After graduating from CBC, she and Fannelle Shepperson began after-school Bible classes and chapel services where thousands of children heard God's Word. After eight years, the duo moved to Camden, Arkansas to begin a similar ministry. They stressed teaching God's Word in a manner easy for children and lay people to understand. They also gave priority to missions and many CIU missionaries gave testimonies in their groups. An avid reader, Anne was the enthusiastic Christian literature distributor of the duo until her retirement in 1991. Anne passed away in 1996.

Dr. Gordon Jones (1955)

Alumnus of the Year, March 1994

Jones-GordonMissionary/Physician. Gordon came to know the Lord under Sam Shepperson's ministry in El Dorado, Arkansas. Later at CBC, he felt God's call to be a missionary surgeon. After marrying Jeannette Taylor, who also attended CBC, he studied tropical medicine at Tulane. Gordon and Jeannette were led to Luampa Hospital in Zambia in 1968 and worked there for 25 years. Gordon was the hospital's Medical Superintendent but he had many non-medical activities as well, like working on diesel generators, diesel water pumps, tractors! Gordon also served as an elder in the local church, on the church mission executive committee of the Evangelical Church of Zambia and taught TEE (Theological Education by Extension)courses. Gordon passed away in 1997.

Sanna Barlow Rossi (1939)

Alumna of the Year, March 1993

RossiMissionary/Writer. Sanna Barlow Rossi accepted the Lord as her Savior at the age of seven and attended Ben Lippen Conference and later Columbia Bible College. Sanna's years at CBC were very pivotal ones in her life. "To know Him and to make Him known" became her life theme. Following her graduation from CBC, Sanna taught Bible to children and later worked with Joy Ridderhof (1925) of Gospel Recordings. In 1954 Sanna married the late Anthony Rossi, a successful businessman sold out to Jesus Christ. Through Mr. Rossi's generous funding, many Christian educational institutions, missions and other charities have been able to further the kingdom of God. One special project was Bradenton Missionary Village, housing for retired missionaries, where Sanna was a wonderful hostess. Sanna passed away in 2007.

Carolyn Ray (1952)

Alumna of the Year, March 1993

Ray-CarolynEducator. Carolyn Ray loved the Bible and loved to teach it to children. Reared in a godly home, Carolyn made her public profession of faith at age nine. She became very active in her local church, memorized Scripture, attended Youth for Christ meetings and CBC Spring Conferences. Following her graduation from CBC, Carolyn taught Bible classes, Bible Clubs and adult Bible studies in Cairo, Georgia. The Lord then led her to Reidsville, NC where she became known as "Reidsville's Bible Teacher". Carolyn taught the Bible in the public school for over 30 years touching almost 400 impressionable lives each week. Her summers were spent at Camp Tapawingo, a girls camp in New York. She continued to teach the Word to children and adults who had never heard of Jesus Christ. Carolyn passed away in 2003.

Bong Rin Ro (1960)

Alumnus of the Year, March 1993

RoEducator. Bong Rin Ro was reared in Seoul, Korea during the Korean War. Following his father's death, Bong's mother and five siblings lived in extreme poverty. God answered his mother's prayers when Bong dedicated his life to the Lord's service. When Bong came to CBC in 1956, he only knew a few English words. But with the encouragement of his classmates, he graduated four years later. Bong and his wife, Alma, joined Overseas Missionary Fellowship in 1970 and began their ministry training Asians at the Asia Theological Association. Bong served as Executive Director for World Evangelical Fellowship Theological Commission as well as professor at Bible Institute of Hawaii. He traveled extensively, speaking and teaching in an effort to bring an awareness of missions into the churches and encouraging young people to prepare for missions.

Mittie Orr Hatch (1942)

 Alumna of the Year, March 1992

Hatch-MittieHomemaker. Mittie Orr Hatch served the Lord faithfully as a housewife and mother. Being married to James "Buck" Hatch gave her many opportunities for ministry. However, her focus throughout the years was to faithfully minister to her five men. All her boys were involved in ministry and they cite the example of their parents' consistent walk with the Lord. Often they saw their mother excuse herself to 'talk with God.' She was a poet and an excellent writer. People have recognized her consistent, quiet and loyal support of Buck. Her life may have appeared to be simple, but "a woman of God, who can find?" Mittie passed away in 2006.

Sara Petty (1939)

Alumna of the Year, March 1992

Petty-SaraEducator. Sara Petty taught Bible in the South Carolina public schools before coming back to CBC in 1945 when Dr. Robert C. McQuilkin asked her to establish a Bible Teaching Department. She designed and taught the curriculum while establishing relationships with public schools. In 1952, she became Dean of Women and served as College Mom for the next 21 years. She went back to the teaching department until her retirement in 1979. She led Bible Studies and coordinated the Marketplace Bible Studies for working women in Columbia. Sara passed away in 2006.

Edwin L. Jack Frizen, Jr. (1950)

 Alumnus of the Year, March 1992

FrizenMission Executive. Jack Frizen began his life of mission service while serving the U.S. Navy in the Philippines. He helped start a nondenominational Bible School called the Far Eastern Bible Institute and Seminary and what is known today as SEND International. He served in the Philippines for eight years after his graduation from CBS. In 1962, Jack was selected as executive director of Interdenominational Foreign Mission Association of North America (IFMA), which is the accrediting agency for conservation evangelical missions that are not a part of a denomination. IFMA had 45 member missions and when he stepped down, IFMA had 72 North American-based agencies representing 11,100 cross-cultural missionaries from North America and 3,000 missionaries from other countries. Dr. Frizen's work will continue to benefit the direction of missions and their leaders for many generations. Jack passed away in 2012.

Virginia McQuilkin Bowers (1935), Aimee McQuilkin (1940), Marguerite McQuilkin Cartee (1943), Robertson McQuilkin (1947), Anne McQuilkIn Priest (1952)

 Alumni of the Year, October 1991

McQuilkins 1991



The five children of CIU founder and first president, Robert C. McQuilkin were honored.

Virginia McQuilkin Bowers Served the Lord with her husband, Lou, Liberia, West Africa for 34 years and saw more than 3,000 people come to Christ.

Aimee McQuilkin served the Lord in Colombia, South America in Christian education and evangelism. As a registered nurse, she was very involved with health care along with her other responsibilities. 

Marguerite McQuilkin Cartee served on the Faculty and Staff of CBC for several years as Director of Alumni and Placement. She and her husband, Clifford (1943), served Wycliffe missionary kids in Colombia, South America.

Robertson McQuilkin served as Headmaster of Ben Lippen School. He and his late wife, Muriel (1947) served in Japan as a church planters before he was called as President of CBC where he served with distinction for 22 years.

Anne McQuilkin Priest served with her husband, Perry (1952), in Bolivia, South America for 30 years with Wycliffe Bible Translators. They also served among the Jibu tribe in Nigeria with Wycliffe.

This family represents 134 years of missionary service plus 58 years of stateside ministry. Virginia passed away in 2008, Aimee passed away in 2013, Marguerite passed away in 2004 and Robertson passed away in 2016.

Victor Monterroso (1958)

 Alumnus of the Year, October 1990

MonterrosoMissionary/Educator. Victor Monterroso's ministry began in Costa Rica in 1946 with Latin American Mission. He came to the U.S. and CBC in the mid-50's for further training. After graduating, he returned to Costa Rica where he served the Lord as a seminary teacher, President of the Association of Costa Rica Bible Churches and pastor of San Jose's downtown Bible Temple. In 1969, he co-authored a book entitled, Latin American Church Growth which was a landmark statistical study of the evangelical movement in Latin America. Victor passed away in 2007.

Sam Moore (1954/1955)

 Alumnus of the Year, October 1990

Moore-SamLayman. Sam Moore was born in Beirut, Lebanon and arrived in the United States in 1950 to attend CBC. To pay for his schooling he began selling Bibles door to door. He later recruited other students who had a need to work their way through college. This was so successful that Royal Publishing emerged as a vehicle for his first Bible publishing venture in 1961. In 1969, he purchased Thomas Nelson Publishing. Thomas Nelson is the world's largest Bible publisher and a leader in religious book publishing. Through Bible and book publishing he is helping people know Christ and encouraging them to make Him known with their lives.

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