Alumni of the Year

Earlene Voss (1955)

Alumna of the Year, October 1990

VossMissionary/Nurse/Teacher. Earlene Voss served the Lord in Pakistan since 1957. The Lord sent her to work with Muslims in a village using her nurses training in a dispensary ministry. Soon sewing and English classes began to draw of over 500 children daily. Several from this program are now teaching in public schools with more graduating. Earlene statee, "All this has been my life: stretched, pulled, deepened by God since 1957. Praise His name for the privilege of knowing Him and making Him known". Earlene passed away in 2015.

Richard C. Alderman (1957)

Alumnus of the Year, October 1989

AldermanPastor/Teacher. Dick has pastored Little Rock Baptist Church in South Carolina for over thirty years. Faithfulness to God's call in a rural setting and his strong emphasis on missions has resulted in 9 men being ordained to the ministry, 3 members serving on the mission field and 4 young people having served on short term mission service. His church helps support 48 missionaries and in 1989, 70% of the church receipts went to missions. Dick described his ministry at Little Rock as, "a little man in a little church serving a big God." People have come to know Christ and many are making Him known. To God be the glory.

Laurel "Gene" Long, R.N. (1957)

Alumna of the Year, October 1989

LongNurse/Missionary/Mother of Abandoned Children. God gave Gene Long a burden for India through an alumnus, Norton Sterret (1933), when he spoke at a Ben Lippen Conference. She went to India in 1958 along with Jackie Liechty, R.N. (1957) under the nurses exchange program, and worked at a government hospital in New Delhi. The Lord challenged her with a ministry to abandoned children which resulted in the starting of Signal Home. She adopted and raised thirteen children. Two of her children graduated from CBC and returned to India, joining the other children as lights in a dark world. Due to health reasons she returned to the States and transferred the property over to Trans World Radio. Gene passed away in 2004.

Dr. Barry Moore (1958)

Alumnus of the Year, October 1989

Moore-BarryInternational Evangelist. Barry Moore, a Canadian evangelist, has held crusades in every major Canadian city. The Lord called him to a ministry of evangelism, and since his first crusade he has held over 650 area wide crusades in North America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the British Isles. Thousands have made professions of faith at his crusades and hundreds of those are involved in Christian ministry throughout the world. He is a gifted evangelist with compelling passion for souls to know Christ and to make Him known.

P.T. Chandapilla (1955)

Alumnus of the Year, October 1988

ChandapillaMissionary Pioneer/Theological Educator. P.T. Chandapilla began service in his home country of India where he was involved in founding and leading a number of ministries for the poor, disenfranchised, and blind. He founded General Secretary of IFES (InterVarsity) in India where he saw many university students throughout India come to know Christ and grow into church leaders. He was Vicar General of St. Thomas Evangelical Church, a denomination of 250 churches, and President of the Board of Management of Jubilee Memorial Bible College in Madras. At one time, he served as General Secretary of the Foundation of Evangelical Churches of India. His ministry has had a wide impact in bringing Indians to Jesus Christ and then challenging theme To Know Him and to Make Him Known. Many of them are involved in leadership roles and church planting in India. P.T. passed away in 2010.

Edward Sywulka (1932)

Alumnus of the Year, October 1988

SywulkaMissionary/Translator/Educator. Edward Sywulka began work among the large tribe of Mam Indians in Guatemala in 1934. He pioneered Theological Education by Extension (TEE) in Guatemala, and translated the Old and New Testaments into the Mam language. He was also involved in meeting physical needs of the Mam people through medical work. Edward Sywulka and his wife, Pauline, saw the Mam Evangelical Church grow to a solid 24 organized churches (some with over 1000 members), 74 daughter churches, 170 preaching points and an evangelical community of nearly 25,000. He was associated with Cameron Townsend, founder of Wycliffe Translators, was in the first Summer Institute of Linguistics class in 1933, and taught at S.I.L. on many occasions. All of his six children attended Columbia Bible College & Seminary, three of them graduating. Edward passed away in 2012.

Philip Yancey (1970)

Alumnus of the Year, October 1988

YanceyAuthor/Editor. Philip Yancey is an award winning and bestselling Christian Author. In unique ways his writings point people to knowing Christ and Making Him Known. His book Where is God when It Hurts received the Gold Medallion Book Award in Recognition of Excellence in Evangelical Christian Literature. The books he co-authored with Dr. Paul Brand, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made and In His Image, were awarded the Gold Medallion Award for Best Inspirational Book. He has authored several other books and his work has appeared in many magazines from The Readers Digest to Campus Life, which he edited for several years. He is Editor-at-Large for Christianity Today to which he contributes a regular column and many articles. His Student NIV Study Bible (Zondervan) has sold over 400,000 copies in two years and impacted lives across the nation.

Thomas M. Petty, Sr. (1940)

Alumnus of the Year, October 1987

Petty-ThomasServant/Prayer Warrior/Encourager. Thomas served on staff and faculty of CBCS for 37 years, and following retirement, as volunteer servant and ambassador. Involvements ranged from Director of Men's Christian Service at CBC; to over 50 years of jail ministry; organizer for South Carolina governor's prayer breakfast committee; Bible distribution; military evangelism and discipleship; and recycling of paper, glass, and stamps for missionary support. He maintained a global ministry of prayer and encouragement encompassing hundreds of people and ministries. Thomas passed away in 1998.

Neal T. Jones (1946)

Alumnus of the Year, October 1987

Jones-NealDistinguished pastor. Influential in evangelism, discipleship, foreign missions, and ministry to the international community, Neal Jones pastored Columbia Baptist Church in Falls Church, Virginia. His strategic ministry impacted many who populate the bureaucratic and political power structures of Washington, DC. Neal participated in preaching and evangelistic tours in Japan, Eastern and Southern Africa, and Russia as a member of the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. He fostered ministry to the large international population in the Washington, DC area and served on the boards of Good News Mission, Prison Fellowship, and Averett College.

Maryann Elizabeth Samms (1958)

 Alumna of the Year, October 1987

SammsFamily teacher training/writing ministries. Maryann taught Christian Education at the Philippine Missionary Institute and Conservative Baptist Bible College, authored or co-authored books including Teacher Training in the Local Church, Toward a Happy Home, and Your Christian Ministry at Home. Maryann is also the co-founder of LAMP, Lay Action Ministry Program, which provides instructional materials to foster spiritual growth among lay people, motivating them to take up the work of the ministry. 


Elizabeth "BETTY" Cridland (1940)

 Alumna of the Year October 1987

CridlandMissionary pioneer. Betty began her career as secretary to Robert C. McQuilkin. Later, alongside ministry partner Mary Beam (1934), she pioneered Gospel witness among the Uduk people of the Sudan and planted an enduring church there. With intrepid grit and excellence, Betty and Mary learned the language, translated Scripture, taught the people to read, established an orphanage, midwifed, nurtured the church, and modeled the life of faith before the people. Upon retiring from additional teaching and church planting in Kenya, Beam and Cridland founded the Bible Alliance, which provides audiocassette tapes of the Scripture in many of the world's yet unwritten languages. Betty passed away in 2003.

MARY S. BEAM (1934)

Alumna of the Year 1987

BeamMissionary pioneer. Together with ministry partner Elizabeth Cridland (1931), Mary pioneered Gospel witness among the Uduk people of the Sudan and planted an enduring church there. With intrepid grit and excellence, they learned the language, translated scripture, taught the people to read, established an orphanage, midwifed, nurtured the church, and modeled the life of faith before the people.  Upon retiring from additional teaching and church planting in Kenya, Beam and Cridland founded Bible Alliance, which provides audio cassette tapes of the scripture in many of the world's yet unwritten languages.  Mary passed away in 2002.

 H. Wilbert (Wil) Norton (1939)

 Alumnus of the Year, October 1987

Theological education and leadership development. Wil began his missionary service in Belgian Congo, focusing upon leadership development among the people. He served in succession as Professor of Missions, Dean of Students, and President of Trinity College and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He also served as the Dean of Wheaton Graduate School during era of great growth and program development. Wil co-authored the influential missiological volume What's Gone Wrong With the Harvest?, and established the Jos ECWA Evangelical Seminary in Nigeria. He sought to foster advancement in theological education in the third world through leadership of CAMEO Committee to Assist Ministry Education Overseas. Wil passed away in 2017

Bruce Shelley (1952)

 Alumnus of the Year, October 1987

Shelley-BruceTeacher/Theologian/Church Historian. As a distinguished teacher and scholar for over a quarter-century at Denver conservative Baptist Seminary, many students speak of him as their most influential teacher. Prolific writing and editorial work in the fields of church history and theology highlight his career. His books include: Christian Theology in Plain Language, A History of Conservative Baptists, What is the Church?, Four Marks of a Total Christian, What Baptists Believe, Let's Face It, The Cross and Flame, Evangelicalism in America, and By What Authority. He also served as a contributing editor for Christianity Today and United Evangelical Action magazines. Bruce passed away in 2010.

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