CIU Fund

What is the CIU Fund?

The CIU Fund is comprised of annual gifts from CIU’s loyal alumni, friends, parents, students, faculty, and staff. These gifts provide student aid, faculty salaries and the ability to undertake critical new initiatives while maintaining a distinctive CIU education.

Why Give?

Your gifts make a difference every day in the life of a CIU student! Annual gifts to the CIU Fund are critical to an exceptional CIU experience. Tuition is the main source of revenue but it only covers about 60% of what it actually costs to provide a CIU education and the CIU Fund bridges the 40% gap.

How can I give?

CIU makes it easy! Online

USPS: CIU Development Office, Box 3122, Columbia, SC 29230

Call: 803-807-5006 credit card & stock gifts

Why is monthly giving important?

Monthly gifts offer a unique opportunity for you to partner with CIU and allow CIU to plan strategically for the future which is vital for CIU’s financial stability. Online recurring giving provides you with a convenient way to be a part of CIU’s mission steadily throughout the year.

The difference you make:

Impact StoryFlynn Senseney grew up in a broken home. That was hard enough. But then his mother passed away in April, 2014. In July of 2015, Flynn, his two brothers and his father were traveling in a car on Interstate 26 in South Carolina, when they were involved in an accident. Flynn’s father was killed and his brothers were seriously hurt.

He admits that life’s hurdles could have blocked him from enrolling, and continuing at Columbia International University, but instead he says, “The Lord has guided me to CIU.”

“We have had a financial burden on us because of my mom passing away and now my dad passing,” he said. “Because money is tight and focused on my brothers’ medical attention, scholarships have not only helped, but also been a source of encouragement. It has caused me to rely more on God.”

Flynn has a message for the scholarship donors that are helping him stay at CIU.“To all the donors, I say ‘many, many thanks.’ I am greatly appreciative and will strive more and more to do better than I did before.”

As for the future, Flynn’s plans are to possibly go to seminary, with the end goal of becoming a missionary pilot to help serve other missionaries and most importantly, the Lord.

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