The purpose of the Recent Alumni Recognition is to honor recent alumni who have set out from CIU with the desire to make an impact in their sphere of influence, and have made such a mark early in their service for the Lord. They are the visionaries, missionaries, servants and leaders. They are the burdened, the spent, the poured out, and the tasked. With this honor, we have the opportunity to recognize them and their work, to bless them, to pray for them, and to rejoice with them in their kingdom ministry.

Nominate recent alumni for honors.

AylestockJanuary 2017- Nathan Aylestock

Nathan graduated in 2007 with a B.A. in Youth Ministry and an M.A. with a focus on education and counseling. He currently teaches Bible at Westminster Catawba Christian School in Rock Hill, SC. “There are times when it’s hard, but there are so many beautiful times I just know I’m at the center of His will. I get to spend everyday teaching God’s word, and it is so good and so fun." To read Nathan's full Q&A and his advice to alumni click here.



February 2017- Frew Tamrat

Frew graduated in 2013 with his Ph.D., and currently serves as the Vice President for Academic Affairs at Evangelical Theological College in Ethiopia. “Like the apostle Paul who passed on to his spiritual son Timothy what he received from the Lord , I feel honored by being able to pass on what the Lord has entrusted to me to the next generation and see its fruit in my life time.”



March 2017- Sarah Bedi

Sarah graduated in 2009 with her Masters of Divinity. She lives in Stockholm, Sweden, where she is forming a team that will focus on ministering to the unreached people groups and immigrants, while working with local churches training leaders for new church plants. “I am absolutely convinced that this is where God has me…It is amazing to be part of a bigger vision: Seeing the Swedes engage in finishing the Great Commission.” To read Sarah's full Q&A and her advice to alumni click here.



April 2017- Dawn Baker

Dawn graduated in 2005 with her B.A. in Communications. She currently teaches 2nd-5th grade Deaf and Hard of Hearing students at Mary McArthur Elementary School in Fayetteville, NC. “It is very exciting to have kids come to my class with a huge deficit in their receptive and expressive language skills, leave my class ready for regular education classes either with some support or completely independent and a new confidence with who they are and who they were created to be.” To read Dawn's full Q&A and her advice to alumni click here.


May 2017- Ryan Jorgenson

Ryan graduated in 2010 with his Masters in Divinity. He is the Founder & Senior Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel Des Moines and the Director of Harvest Apologetics Training Center. “I am dead center in God's will for my life planting and pastoring HBC Des Moines. I love to know that and to see the Spirit set people free through the Gospel.” To read Ryan's full Q&A and his advice to alumni click here.



June 2017- Vanessa Torres

Vanessa graduated in 2005 with her M.A. in TEFL from CIU. She currently teaches Spanish at Nursery Road Elementary School in Columbia, SC. She is one of the 2017 Milken Educator Award recipients. “I want to give them a love for the language and the culture. The love of God is a heart for all cultures. We need to love the people that are here with us, and learn to appreciate the diversity and different things they bring to us.” To read Vanessa's full Q&A and her advice to alumni click here.



July 2017- Marcella Wilson

Marcella graduated in 2011 with Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling. These days, she owns and operates Marcella’s Old Skool Cookies & Loaves in Columbia, South Carolina, delivering her products to over 60 businesses each week, in addition to fulfilling call-in orders.

“CIU grew me as a Christian, it changed my perspective of who I am, where I am, where I worship. It helped me to learn to see the world through the lens of Christ, and not my own.”



August 2017- Drew Arrington

Drew graduated in 2005 with a Master of Divinity in Pastoral Counseling. He serves as an army chaplain at Fort Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina where he developed the Chaplain Basic Officer Leader Course.

“A professor once asked me, ‘Do you love Jesus?’ I’m learning and I’m realizing, that’s it. That’s what drives obedience, that’s what drives faithfulness. That’s what faith is all about.”



September 2017- Sarah Nixon

Sarah Graduated in 2010 with a Master of Arts in Bible Teaching, and today serves as a Bible teacher for First Presbyterian Day School in Macon, Georgia.

“I love teaching. It’s one of my passions in life. I get the opportunity to make my class not just about the information being communicated, but about the students’ lives. (It’s) the intersection of what I’m teaching and what they need to know for now and later.”