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4 Ministry Truths

Four Bible truths that instill resiliency in me. I don’t offer these as panaceas for the difficulties of ministry, but as means of sustenance, perspectives that enable me to keep going when I don’t feel like it.

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Homecoming 2016

Return for Homecoming 2016, November 4-5, so you can reconnect with classmates, faculty and friends. Exciting new events this year include a David Crowder concert and the Rambunctious Run!

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Stand for Religious Liberty

Concerned that federal and state actions could ultimately deny them the ability to fulfill their faith-based missions, seven university presidents have penned an open letter to raise awareness.

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Upcoming Events

CIU Night

Take Me Out to the Ballgame! Alumni, family and friends get discounted tickets.

CIU Homecoming 2016

Save the date! Join us for Homecoming 2016, an exciting time to reconnect and fellowship.