Alumni of the Year

Dr. Titus M. Kivunzi (1976)

Alumnus of the Year, September 2006

KivunziPastor/Missiologist/Teacher/Administrator. Titus came to the Lord at a school, run by Africa Inland Mission. He holds an M.A. from Columbia Graduate School and a D.Min. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Titus returned to Kenya where he served as Dean of Students at Scott Theological College and then as Bishop of the Africa Inland Church. He is a professor at Africa International University (NEGST). Titus and his wife, Peninnah, have two children: son, Kivunzi, who is married to Allyson, and daughter, Mueni.

Dennis Cochrane (1958)

 Alumnus of the Year, September 2005

CochraneMissionary/Mobilizer/Speaker. The son of missionaries, Dennis was called into missions at an early age. Following his studies at Columbia Bible College, Dennis and his late wife Nancy (Lathrop) Cochrane served with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea, where over 2,000 of the Duna people responded to the gospel after hearing it in their language for the first time. Dennis was called to work for Wycliffe as a mobilizer after returning to the United States. He is in demand as a speaker and has created many technology-driven products that have improved Wycliffe's recruiting efforts. Dennis and his wife Sandy Rogow (1983) continue to serve with Wycliffe in inspiring the next generation of Bible translators.

Steve Richardson (1984/1985)

Alumnus of the Year, March 2004

RichardsonChurch Planter/Missionary Pioneer/Leader. Steve was raised on the mission field in Irian Jaya, Indonesia and has had a heart for cross cultural missionary service since childhood. As Team Leader for a new PIONEERS church planting effort in West Java, Indonesia among the Sundanese Muslims, Steve and Arlene (1984) initiated a Sundanese language Christian magazine, helped establish a resource and research ministry center for Sundanese evangelism, two English language schools, a self-help development and skills training program called Agape Craft and various other ministries. As Area Director, Steve provided oversight for more than 15 missionary teams and facilitated the establishment of PIONEERS mobilization bases in Australia and New Zealand. Steve assumed his responsibilities as PIONEERS U.S. Director in August 1999.

Carroll "Tark" P. Tarkington (1968)

Alumnus of the Year, March 2003

TarkingtonMilitary Serviceman/Missionary/Pioneer/Pastor/Teacher. Carroll Tarkington, born on a farm in North Carolina, reached thousands for Christ through his international military ministry and national pastorate. After graduating from CBC, Tark joined a team of men who founded what is now called Cadence International, ministering to military personnel overseas. Tark was instrumental in setting up ministry centers in the Philippines, Japan, Okinawa, Vietnam, Thailand, and Spain. Once back in the States, Tark pastored and helped found Liberty Baptist Church near Ft. Bragg, NC. He taught classes at Carolina Bible College and served as a military chaplain during the Gulf War. Tark has served on the Board of Directors for Cadence International for many years.

Gaetano "Guy" Sottile (1979)

Alumnus of the Year, March 2002

Sottile 2002Church Planter/Evangelist/Mission Strategist/Author. Guy Sottile, born in Italy, has a God-given vision and a Christ-centered strategy for setting Italy on fire with the Gospel of Christ. In 1983, Guy founded Italy's first evangelistic association, now called Italy for Christ. He has planted three churches and works with existing local churches in the area of evangelism. He and his team brought 500 Italian pastors and church leaders together in one united meeting called the First Congress on Evangelism. Guy established the first evangelical prayer time in the Italian parliament. He is a published author and has produced his crusades on radio and T.V. Guy is also the president of the Italian Evangelical Alliance and serves on the John Maxwell Team. He has taught and ministered in 20 countries and 24 U.S. states.  He is married to Sondra and has two daughters and one grandson.

Harry Shuler Dent (1982)

Alumnus of the Year, March 2001

DentPolitical Strategist/Lay Speaker/Teacher/Author. Harry Shuler Dent gave his life to Christ in 1978. After graduating from CBS, Harry gave his life to ministry around the globe. He and his wife, Betty, founded LAITY: Alive and Serving, Inc. in 1985. Through this ministry they partnered with believers in Romania to establish the first Christian radio station. LAITY enables pastors to attend seminary. Harry served Senator Strom Thurmond, Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Bush, Sr. in various important roles. He co-founded and chaired the U.S. Senate staff prayer breakfasts and the first ever White House prayer breakfast. He became the first director of the Billy Graham Lay Center. Harry also helped get character education into the public schools of SC. Harry passed away in 2007.

Otis (1950) and Laura Williams (1948) Braswell

Alumni of the Year, March 2000

BraswellsFaithful Servants to CIU. Otis and Laura met at CIU and were married shortly after Otis graduated in 1950. Otis and Laura collectively served CIU with distinction for over 61 years. Otis was dean of men for 16 years and director of field education for 17 years. He was known for being a good listener and counselor. As head librarian, Laura was instrumental in bringing about a cataloging system which developed into the Online Public Access Catalog. After their retirement from the university in 1989, the Braswells continued in active ministry for the Lord serving two churches for a total of eight years. After retiring the second time, the Braswells continued to serve the Lord through a campground ministry in Florida. Otis and Laura Braswell are examples of commitment and service to God, and their lives challenge us to vigorously go and do likewise. Otis passed away in 2008 and Laura in 2010.

Fred T. Cheung (1961)

Alumnus of the Year, March 1999

CheungPastor/Mission Visionary. While in Columbia, Fred obtained his life vision of becoming a pastor and a pioneer of global missions among the Chinese churches. Soon after graduation, Fred began pastoring a church in St. Louis, Missouri, which became the first Chinese church in the U.S. to have a missions program and a faithful promise offering for missions. In 1976, Fred helped found the China Graduate School of Theology, in Hong Kong, which became the first postgraduate theological school in Hong Kong with a goal of reaching the Chinese people. He served as vice president and professor. In 1990, Fred became senior pastor of the Los Angeles Chinese Evangelical Free Church. Fred trained preachers, visited churches, and spoken at conferences all over the world. Fred passed away in 2004.

Elizabeth Rikard Sessions (CBC 1943)

Distinguished Alumna, March 1999

Sessions 1999Homemaker/Businesswoman/Bible Teacher. Elizabeth's life is a vivid picture of faithfulness and victory. Several years after graduating from CBC, Elizabeth and her mother founded the Rikard Nursing Homes, where Elizabeth served for 28 years. In the mid-80s, Elizabeth, using her knowledge of the Word and her spiritual gifts, began teaching an adult Sunday School class at Lexington Baptist Church, South Carolina. She also held a weekly Bible study at a local prison as well as a lunch-hour Bible class for businesswomen. From 1976 to 1993, she served on the Board of Trustees at CIU. Through Elizabeth's life experiences she clearly witnessed the truth of Romans 8:28: "For we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose." Elizabeth passed away in 2017.

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