Program Details

Since 2007, the Prison Initiative has graduated 145 student-inmates who have earned an accredited Associates of Arts degree, and are assigned to over 22 prison facilities throughout the state of South Carolina. Each year, fifteen qualified inmates are selected through an interview process to participate in the two year program and are taught by CIU professors. As student-inmates the men also invest 2-6 hours a week in cell-to-cell evangelism as well as Bible teaching. Upon graduation they are assigned to prisons across the state of South Carolina, where they become missionaries and ministers in the various facilities.

Our students take a unique blend of Bible, theology, ministry, and general academic courses to prepare them for ministry both inside and outside of prison.

The following list provides a glimpse of the courses students in the Prison Initiative Program can expect to take:


  • Old Testament Survey
  • New Testament Survey
  • Evangelism & Discipleship
  • Survey of Bible Doctrine
  • Introduction to the World Christian Movement
  • Communicating God’s Word
  • Principles of Bible Interpretation
  • Biblical Discipleship
  • Romans
  • Principles of Biblical Exegesis & Exposition
  • Progress of Redemption


  • Basic English Writing
  • Composition and Research
  • Research and Literature
  • Speech Communication: Theory & Practice
  • Historical Perspectives on Culture & Civilization
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Mathematics Concepts & Quantitative Reasoning


  • Men’s Fraternity
  • Hospice Training
  • Comparative Religions