Tower Fund

In June of 2014 CIU launched the Tower Fund concept. This fund is for individuals who want to establish their perpetual scholarship (an endowment) but don’t possess the required $10,000. The concept of the Tower Fund is to allow donors to make modest gifts that will accumulate over time, gifts that will be tracked by fund and allowed to accumulate to the $10,000 threshold required for endowment status.

Meanwhile, the CIU Tower Fund awards a student scholarship each year to a student who demonstrates financial need. The amount of the total financial award is pro-rated amongst all the Tower Funds to share in the award process.

Start your scholarship within the Tower Fund with a minimum gift of $25 or greater. Enjoy the benefits of receiving a quarterly activity report and the knowledge that your scholarship is making an immediate impact.


  • Total Tower Funds = 9
  • CIU’s Tower Fund Value = $34,200
  • Minimum monthly gift = $25
  • Gifting requirement = regular donation to your fund
  • Giving Options
    • Cash
    • Stock
    • Life Insurance
  • Funding Methods
    • Bank Draft
    • Credit Card Draft
    • Banking Bill Pay feature
  • Endowment status when $10,000  gift amount is reached

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